Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kuku for Lulu's Bazaar

Not sure if any of you read "Trail of Inspiration," Lulu De Kwiatkowski's awesome blog.  Once I discovered it a while back, I became hooked.  The POWERHOUSE fabric/bedding designer, artist, mom, wife, and mogul delightfully allows us Average Joes/Joans a peek into her fabulously creative life. 

Check out Lulu's blog to see what inspires her unique creations!

I have been a Lulu DK and Matouk fan for a lonnnnng time, constantly figuring out ways to work some of it into my designs as well as figuring out how to pay for it for myself!   

Custom initial fabric.  Yes, please!

Here is a snap of my very own Matouk pillow sittin' on my bed.  Despite the "odd" (in a good way) gray-green-blue color, it has seen me through three different bedding sets, showstopping each time. 

I have the euro sham placed in between my two other Euro shams...orange, white, and gray-green-blue.  Love that combo!

Anyway, let me share something fabu with you.  Have you heard about Lulu's Bazaar?

From Lulu herself:
We are making room for our oh-so-exciting, fresh and vibrant new line of fabrics and colorways. Soooo, for the first time ever we have decided to start a bazaar section where for a limited time some of our earlier fabrics will be on sale to everyone for over 60-70% off. Please visit our website at http://www.luludk.com/ and tap on the very cute "bazaar image" of my sister, on the opening page. Or call the office at 212-223-4234 to order.

Of course, like a good little soldier, I promptly followed Miss DK's instructions and was not disappointed.  Check out the Bazaar's offerings....more than 50% available to everyone on select (and really good) fabrics.  Thanks, Lu!

Please let Gimlet Nation know if you score anything delightful from the Bazaar.  If the River fabric in Mocha colorway is still available, I may not be able to resist. 





  1. Thanks for writing about this today! I love Lulu too but regret that I am new to the blog world and did not know of her blog. It is fab, I love the format as well, and find it very inspiring:) Can't wait to see what she writes about from Italy!

  2. I think her blog is sort of how YOURS should be...the sketch pad of your amazing ideas and creative thoughts! Observations and musings of a talented artiste for the world to see.

  3. Mais oui! I will def check this out. I am prediciting a set of initial sheets to go on our fabu twinny beds!!

  4. Oh to be someone who gets "dragged off" to Italy for two months every year.