Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mid Century Treasure

As you may recall, I wrote a pretty extensive post on the wealth of mid century modern architecture firmly rooted in some of New Orleans' oldest neighborhoods.  It was so interesting to research and write...and I only scratched the surface. 

Just a reminder....

Remember him

I am thrilled to know that the original post inspired some treasure hunting among Gimlet Nation, particularly those of you who live in Nola.  I have received a fair amount of emails and texts in follow-up to the post, sometimes with people sending pics of their very own MCM treasures throughout the Big Easy or even just "I had no idea that I live right near a Curtis and Davis home!"  It has been a hoot, and I charge you to keep 'em coming. 

Perhaps my fave email I have received is one from our faithful contributor, fine finisher extraordinaire, and decorator, E. Lee.  Guess what, peeps?  Her dad's childhood home on Sycamore Street in Old Metairie (an old and established, tree-lined suburb of Nola) IS AN ACTUAL CURTIS AND DAVIS home.  Say what?

E. Lee explained that she thought the home had been torn down, but was delighted to learn that it is, indeed, still standing and lookin' better than ever!  She was kind enough to share these snaps that she recently took of the home. 

Street view of the home.  Lovingly maintained!

Another view of the sprawling double lot, a rarity.

Lucky us.  E. Lee's dad provided us Gimleters with a bit of history on this Curtis and D original.  The home was built by E. Lee's grandparents in 1950.  Her dad explained that very little of the house has changed since its original design.  The structure to the left of the garage was originally a temporary-type structure serving as a pool house, but now is a permanent attachment to the garage. The home was built on a single lot, but eventually the lot next door was purchased and unified with the original house through landscaping.  The mahogany front door, still the original!, was imported from Cuba by a family friend.   

I have already harassed begged E. Lee to search from some original house pics for Gimlet Nation's viewing pleasure.  ...and, of course, if any readers know this house (and the owners, of course), we would love a tour!  ;) 

While we are on the topic of great MCM homes in Old Metarie (how's that for a segue?), here is a repost of a repost of Laura Casey's blog article about the MCM home of her husband's family (also located in Old Metarie.)  If didn't catch it the first (or second) time, here you go.    

Hmmmm....and the moral of this post is, once again, that there are treasures abounding in our own backyards (this must be the theme of the week, no?).



P.S.  Seriously, a Curtis and Davis home just innocently sitting on Sycamore


  1. You are right - seriously. You just have to be looking for something, or know what you're looking for. How many times do we drive or walk right past a treasure and fail to see it??????

  2. What a treat! These MCM posts are so interesting! I love walkign through the lanes of Lake Vista and discovering the MCM houses there. There are a few on the Lake that I would die to see the inside of!! Great posts!!!

  3. I will continue my look for interior pictures. My grandmother was a great designer but knowing her(she did not think of herself as such), there is probably not a record of it! There is a "very 60's" family photo of my Dad's family inside, that I remember but I can't think of where it is! I'll look!
    Wish my grandparents were still here to read this and contribute as well:(

  4. What's the judgment on the silver aluminum Christmas tree with single colored (red) balls and a color wheel? The tree itself also revolves. I remember these trees in houses like these.

  5. I can check, but I doubt that there was a revolving lighted tree in the Jahncke Haus. Pretty sure our tradition of cutting a tree down each year in Folsom, LA started in my Dad's childhood. There were LOTS of those in East Texas around Christmas time where my mother grew up!