Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Green Apple Twin Bed Project

Remember these guys?

The most perfect twin beds from Craigslist.

Well, the early bird (aka first to respond to my offer to all of Gimlet Land) was Adrianne, my friend and owner/blogger of Lambchop Designs (check her out in my blogroll if you haven't already). 

I started sanding the twins, but was waiting to start my handiwork until Adrianne found out the sex of her newest chicken.  If you are a blog follower of hers, you will know that she is having a girl (she found out just this week!)  Naturally, her nursery designing is now full throttle.  Rightfully so, she has starting shopping and planning like a woman possessed!

Her request for the beddies?  A juicy apple green (not to be confused with kelly or lime!)  I will not giveaway too much as she will certainly be posting all about the fun she is having with her nursery design. 

Let's examine some of my favorite apple green interiors.   

Benjamin Moore's Apple Green, featured via decorpad

Gina Kates via decorpad

Another Gina Kates design....she loves the apple green as much as Adrianne!

The challenge?  It can't be too "mossy" or "olive" or "neon" or "neutral" or --let's be honest-- too "baby poop."  (You know the color!  I know you do!)

My current "best find:"

Ace's Green Apple.
I think it has the perfect amount of color and vibrance to prevent it from reading as too neutral. 

Have y'all seen this site? My Perfect Color allows you to type in the hue you are looking for and then it culls together pretty much all of the major paint companies' shades for your review.  (You can even order samples directly from them....pretty nifty, right?)

If you have any good granny-smith-green's to recommend, let us know!  We are officially on the hunt, and, of course, Baby Girl Bugg deserves only the most fab twin beds around. 




  1. Sherwin Williams "Sassy Green".....just love the name!!

  2. Super cute! And congrats to the Buggs!

  3. They're going to look adorable! Yay Adrianne!

  4. This is great!!! I posted a similar theme today...but with less cool color finds. I like the Ace Apple Green and totally trust your instinct. I am going to try to find a swatch and paint it in the actual room. There is a LOT of light so it will look totally different from day to night. Yippee!! Gimlet/Lambchop room!!

  5. oh, how fun! congrats, adrianne!

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