Monday, June 14, 2010

Louisiana Sunday Night

I will be back in the bloggy saddle either this evening or tomorrow.  Still recovering/basking in the memories of a fun (albeit oily) weekend spent feteing my sis at the beach!  (Bags remain packed, messages and mail piling up, I am sure you get the picture, right?)

No stacks of laundry or food-less pantry, however, stopped us from tuning in last night to True Blood and Treme on HBO.  It occurred to me that Louisiana (and the Gulf Coast) is not only dominating the news right now, but also dominating HBO on Sunday night.  Whether you are tuning in to the supernatural goings on of the fictional Bontemps, Louisiana or clinching your teeth as you wait to find out the fate of Tulane professor, Creighton Burnette, in New Orleans (or both), it is definitely a Louisiana Saturday Sunday Night on HBO! 

Now, for those of you who do not watch either show, I beg of you to at least click on these youtube clips of the shows' opening credits.  For years, I have thought that the True Blood intro may be the most genius I have ever seen....and the Treme credits have certainly followed suit. 

Perfectly captures the eerie Southern tensions between religion, morality, good and evil...

How catchy is the Treme opening?  (and it features our pals Paola and Jose!)

I think both are visually stunning and perfectly suit the shows, although they are a feast even if you are not particularly "into" either Louisiana distraction!




  1. You're right -- S. La is dominating the news right now! Should be!

  2. true blood is my fav show- ever

  3. Slow poison - best phrase I've ever heard about the South. Louisiana - mystical, insidious, in your veins, kind of dank and sweet, earthy, raw emotion.
    Addictive opiate.
    PS - If Creighton jumped, I might not speak for several days.

  4. I officially gave up on Treme a few weeks ago. BUT True Blood ... now that is a show that I will watch faithfully week in and week out.

  5. Give up on Treme?!?!? Katie!! What are you thinking???