Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tiny Cool Pool

It is no secret that I would love a pool in our backyard....or 100% 24 hour access to a neighbor's pool....or, as I have discussed, I will settle for a baby wading pool.  

Don't mind if I do.  A perfect pool backyard in Palm Springs.
You can rent it through Room Service Home

After we bought the house, the real estate agent for the seller said, "And look!  You could fit a pool back here!"  I, of course, agreed enthusiastically (not taking any measurements or surveys of the land, of course) and Beau laughed at the fact that I would actually believe her assertion and not see the "obvious" fact that a pool could never fit in our tiny yard. 

Another Room Service rental...just for fun.

I now agree with the likely fact that a pool, unless it is a "cocktail pool" (such a cheesy name, not a cheesy concept, necessarily), would certainly not fit back there. 

UNTIL I saw this on Coastal Living's website.  Does hope spring eternal!?  Regardless of whether there is actual hope that I could have my very own backyard oasis, I think this solution utilizes pretty genius spacial planning.

The article explains that, to make the lap pool fit in their slender backyard, the home owners joined the edge of the pool to the foundation.  The folding doors in the family room are literally up against the water's edge.  Tres chic, I think!

Apparently, this solution also visual lengthens the backyard.  Win-win?




  1. Side yard pools like the one you love are very common in places with old houses on narrow lots. I saw alot of them in Key West, and I always think it would be great to turn our driveway into a pool like this.
    What a great thing to have on a dream list!
    xo xo

  2. DYING! I love the idea!! If you and Beau ever do put in anything even remotely "pool-like," prepare to come home from work on hot, humid evenings to find your pool overrun by your nearest and dearest...

  3. Of course I vote yes on putting a pool in your backyard, it would be the final piece de resistance at the Ritz Haynes, and JG and I would become permanent house guests!

    In the meantime you always have the option of making the "pilgrimage" (insert my laugh here) to your parents' house in Lakey T...

  4. I'm trying to figure out how you would redo your bathroom area to make an exit right into the pool. As you can see, I am actually going so far as to try to envision it and to plan it. Indie would love her daily exercise. Or you could just move the AC unit to the side, put the pool up against the house, come out the steps and dive in from there. Tropical plants all around. An oasis!!!

  5. OMG that is the coolest thing ever! Please do it and invite me over!