Sunday, March 28, 2010

C. Jere Wanna Be...and some teasers

I have mentioned C. Jere wall sculptures before.  My love is endless. 

Not a new image to Gimlet.  Palmer Weiss.

Credit unknown. 

vintage C. Jere.  

C. Jere featured in a snap of my seemingly favorite blog topic, The Parker in Palm Springs. 

Who is C. Jere?

C. Jere is the combined name of artists Curtis Freiler and Jerry Fels. The two founders combined pieces of their own names to create the C. Jeré signature. Their company Artisan House was founded in 1963 by Fels and his brother-in-law Curtis (Kurt) Freiler. Freiler was the production chief and Fels was head of design. Their goal was to produce "gallery-quality art for the masses." Kurt and Jerry sold Artisan House in 1972.

To me, C. Jere  sculptures are an iconic piece of mid-century design.  They provide texture and depth to an otherwise ordinary wall.    Not every wall should simply house a flat piece of framed art, right? 

In 2007, Jonathan Adler partnered with C. Jere to re-release the mid-century wall sculptures. 

Sea urchin sculpture.  Available through Jonathan A.

When I was in Miami checking out the J.A. store, I petted one of the C. Jeres.  I admit it. 

Some other snaps of vintage C. Jeres....from the likes of 1st dibs and ebay!


Signed original pom pom C. Jere sculpture from 1st dibs.
This is my favorite type of C. Jere.

Birds in flight sculpture.  1st dibs. 

Birds in the sun sculpture.  1st dibs.

Now, where am I going with this? 

Well, I would love a C. Jere for our den.  It would go right over our ridiculously enormous tv that sits atop one of my favorite pieces of furniture...our chinoiserie console.  (I would snap a pic, but it is currently being repainted and, therefore, the ridiculously enormous tv is sitting on top of trunks...)

I cannot afford said C. Jere.  Because of this financial blockade, I began researching other options for something "besides framed art work" to hang on the large wall over the ridiculously enormous tv. 

I was inspired by Anne Turner Carroll's use of this tobacco basket in her recent den makeover in Southern Living

I love tobacco baskets, but I think it may be a bit too much natural texture in our space considering our soon-to-be hung baskety light fixture (to replace stock fan). 

After much thought, I saw this guy on ebay and snatched it up, not knowing what it would look like in real life.

It was dirt cheap.  This is the pic from ebay.

Up close of sculpture on our kitchen counter. 

Now, do not be afraid.  I knew it was made of syroco.  I never planned to simply hang it on the wall in its current state.  I was aware that it would require some sprucing.  And, hence, I spruced.  This is a teaser. 

Because of a weekend filled with limo Kitchen Touring, completely overhauling our backyard landscaping, deck cleaning, power washing, trips to Lowes, and selling of rugs, I am too catatonic to post the finished product. 

So...on tap for this Easter week--

finished wall sculpture, Kitchen Tour snaps and stories, yard pics, more on sale via ebay and craigslist, and such excitement you will not want to keep yourself away from this blog.  Of course.   

I hope you had as wonderful and exhaustingly fun/ productive weekend as we had over in these parts. 



Just to get you pumped up for Kitchen Tour snaps and observations, I am going to leave you with this. 

It is a picture of a bar set up on one of the Uptown kitchens' porticos.  I will obviously discuss the kitchen with you, but it is likely more important that I discuss what is on this bar. 

Coconut Ciroc.

P.Diddy is on to something.  His Ciroc coconut vodka is seriously so delicious, it is lethal.  It tastes like sunscreen in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE.  It is not too sweet and the coconuty-sunscreeny taste is not overpowering at all.  A coconut vodka martini with a teeeny splash of pineapple juice may just be transcendent as the temps start to rise. 


  1. Love those sea urchins and pom poms, and coconut vodka martinis sound insanely good to me right about now...the more blogs I discover, the more design loving attorneys and former attorneys I see out there...myself included.

  2. Great write up! Love the blog - you can get info on jere pieces at (artisan house has always been the company name) and you can order pieces from I lOVE their large free-standing sculptures. I've bought three pieces over the years and love them.

  3. Awesome post indeed. You could gild your birds in real gold or paint them in a nice color of tractor paint.