Friday, February 19, 2010

Alternative to Sticks I: Tulipiere

Well, well, well.  You people certainly have some opinions about sticks/branches.  Most of you do not agree with my "over it" attitude regarding the aforementioned curly willow thrown in large dusty vase comment.  However, my quest to rid you of these meh/ugh "accessories" continues. 

I have long admired this tulipiere and have seen it at many of my favorite design shops around town in a variety of price ranges.  It is called the "Frog Feet Tulipiere" and a google search yielded pages of it from various sources. 

I think these are so interesting looking and lovely.  One of them alone (or in a grouping) would provide us with the height that we have sought in the past from the sticks-in-vase.  Aren't they so much prettier and interesting than the sticks?  So....remove the sticks-in-vase from your sideboard or that table in the corner of the living room and replace with this tulipiere.  It would be beautiful year round....fresh Spring flowers to holiday greens. 

Oh, and I am going to be continuing to provide you with alternatives to sticks.  There will be more hatin'. 



P.S.  We had a lovely impromptu dinner last night at A Mano.  Julie alerted me to the fact that it  received some James Beard nominations, including Rising Star Chef of the Year.  We figured that we all needed to go before "it blows up" so babysitters were immediately retained and reservations made.  The meal was divine (all of the pastas were scrumptious, especially the squid ink tonnarelli and mussels) and the wine list good and very reasonably priced.  The boys were raving about the cured meat platter, too. 

The decor leaves alot to be desired and the service was friendly, but just okay.  That being said, you must go if you are in New Orleans.  I think the chef certainly deserves the nod (as to all the other local nominations!).

Mara, our visiting foodie (and my beloved college friend), even raved, and she knows her restaurants!


  1. I though it was nice they stayed true to the spirits of the previous tenant(s).......Hip Stix and Tcoup N Joes

    just sayin'

  2. "...curly willow thrown in large dusty vase..."

    Ouch. I guess I need to accept that my poor Ikea vase and willow sticks are passe. I thought I was becoming edgy and hip when I used it to replace my CD tower, which I am to understand, is also dated?

    However, I am not yet moved by your initial suggestions to replace mine dusty sticks. A ceramic tower hailing from an ambiguous Chinese dynasty with flowers hanging out of it does not impress me.

    I accept your challenge! A fitting quote:

    "Here's my fiddlestick. Here's that shall make you dance!"

  3. Oh snap, Leigh!
    I'm dying over the CD tower reference.

    But I'm ultimately with Jessie. I've never understood the lure of sticks in a vase. It always seemed weird to me.

  4. So Jennifer, I gather that you will not be wanting sticks for your wedding present? I thought they would look nice next to Mr. Margarita. I'll cancel the order from Pier One...

  5. Look in the window of Bamboo Apothecary next time you pass by - nature as art - I think. Maybe it is super-tacky, though.