Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bienvenidos a Miami

I have always said "no" when Beau has asked me to accompany him to conferences in fun places, like D.C. and Scottsdale.  When he found out he was going to be speaking at an upcoming CLE in Miami, I decided to tag along...time to stop foregoing quick trips with my hubby in lieu of work and other obligations on the home front all the time.

So, I am heading out and coming back on Friday!  Truly a quick trip, but worth it.

I will be entertaining myself on Thursday during the day.  Although I wish we would be together throughout the day, one of my favorite things to do is anonymously rove.  Natch, some spa has been scheduled and there is pool time lounging anticipated.  We are staying at the Doral Golf Club and Spa (site of the CLE), but don't think I haven't conducted some cursory South Beach research!

Per Katie (local Miami and Super Bowl expert), we have made reservations at Prime 112.  Beau, for steaks, me, for celebrity sightings.

I plan to rove around Lincoln Road, especially to check out these shops.

This is a photo from the Coral Gables location of Books and Books, but there is a smaller location on Lincoln Road.  I am a true dork and have a list of my favorite book stores from cities outside of New Orleans.  (My DC people know that one of my required stops is always Kramer Books!) 

Fly Boutique.  I am a moth to a flame when it comes to a vintage store (no pun intended).  Even if I can't afford anything.  

Beau and I have decided to eat lunch here.

or here.

If you know us, I am sure you can guess who is voting for what!

I have never been to Miami, but am looking forward to soaking in the art deco architecture and people watching.

Ocean Drive.

Maybe having a drinkie poo here?

I don't know what to expect and, for that, I cannot wait.  A little much-needed post Mardi/Lombardi Gras R and R.

I always rely upon the NY Times' "36 Hours In..." series when planning trips to places I don't know very much about.  They are usually spot on with recommendations with only the occasional miss.  If you haven't used these brief articles before, they always provide some fun suggestions or at least starting off points. 

Again, if you have ideas for "must dos," in South Beach/Miami, please let me know.  After all, my mental image of Miami is currently something like this...

I don't remember the bird...



P.S.  I am thrilled to introduce a guest blogger for Thursday as my posting will be a tad light due to my vacay.  My friend, Adrianne, is creative and hilarious.  She also happens to be an awesome mama and owner of her own business, Lambchop Designs.  Adrianne works with clients to create unique children's art pieces.  I hope y'all enjoy Adrianne's tips and ideas for nursery art...she is full of fabulous ideas and entertaining to boot!


  1. Never heard of books and books before. . .wow, it's like heaven on earth.

  2. Have fun, a mini-vacay sounds delightful!

    And in addition to the bird, who is the guy next to Tubbs? Did Don J go undercover in that episode?... ;)

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