Friday, February 19, 2010

A Little Goes a Long Way...

Many design bloggers have discussed their love of nailhead trim or sung its praises one way or another.  It is a prevalent trim on beautiful and current furniture and rightfully so.  It instantly adds a bit of polish to any project, whether it be soft furniture or smaller details around the home.  Because nailhead trim can be interpreted as contemporary, traditional or even funky in style, it currently enjoys mass appeal. 

May I suggest that you buy this and use it for zillions of DIY nailheading projects?  10 yards goes a looooong way.

You can find this at Joann's Fabrics or any notions store in your area. 

Anyhoo, with some fab fab, these scary ottomans from ebay went from this:

To this...

Check out that bling!  So easy to apply.  

This (I don't have the actual "before" item from ebay, but this is as close as I could get...the real "before" was much worse)

To this...

The color of the table is a bit "off" is more clementine/orange and far less coral/salmon than it appears. I also don't normally have a table sitting across the front of a closet....I also don't normally have Mardi Gras beads thrown on all surfaces.  

Note those little studs...fancy pants, right?

And, of course...

El bulletin board project.  I made this from "science fair" board. Easy peasy.  

Just slap on your nailhead trim for a little dress up.  

So easy to apply and such an affordable way to put that finishing touch on your DIY upholstery or furniture project.  If you have used the nailhead trim on a roll, send me the pics of your projects, and I will post 'em!



P.S.  Happy Happy Weekend!  

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