Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wailing Wall (in a good way, of course)

For the voyeurs, some updated snaps of the Breeses' fence.  It is becoming progressively more decorated by the fervent citizens of Who Dat Nation. Last night, it was covered, but the mighty winds of the incoming cold weather tore down some of the most creative work thus far.  

Cold temps, however, have not prevented neighbors from flocking to sign the posters, "We Love You, Drew!  Love, your Walnut Street Neighbors" and "To Brittany and Baylen, We Love Drew 2!" School classes from Holy Name and Trinity have already hung big banners signed in tiny handed scrawl. 

Beautiful fresh bouquets have been stuck through the fence and religious icons/candles placed on the ground. Complete strangers feel the compelling need to come forward, leaving a simple note, "You brought us back!" or just a sentiment, "Thank you, Brees Family."



P.S.  Getting prepped already to freeze at the victory parade!

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