Thursday, February 11, 2010

Secret Source

A couple of you readers have gimlet eyes yourselves.  You have inquired as to the source of the golden foo dogs (of which I will never tire no matter how many people dictate the "trend" as being "over"). 

Here the little guys are again...

Anyway, I am going to let you in on a really awesome source for designer items for incredible prices.  Check out this wonderfully nice and funny lady's blog:

She is the creative writer behind her popular blog,  Much like many design addicts, she buys great finds when she sees them.  Well, she decided to sell some of her fabulous stuff on an additional blog,  LUCKY US! 

I check every day for her well-curated finds which she just simply doesn't have room for!  Her tag line, "Because good design doesn't always have to have a high price," couldn't be more befitting.  The drastically reduced fabrics, lamps, foo dogs!, pillows, etc. are so beautiful and high end, the prices almost incite guilt. 

When I bought the foo dogs last Summer, she mailed them to me on the same day I ordered them.  They arrived safely and have delighted me ever since. 

A small sampling of the fab wares you can find! 

Definitely add designer's attic to your google reader because you just never know what unique "to the trade" items you will find for a song! 



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  1. thanks so much for the sweet post jessie. i am so happy you are still enjoying your foo dogs and that they have a wonderful home! best, shannon