Friday, February 5, 2010

Au Naturale Lighting


Well, twelve readers.  Thus far, you guys have reacted most positively to my "Fab or Fug?" post.  Accordingly, I shall not deprive you of the pleasure of weighing in on the crucial issues of health care, peace in the Middle East, whether vintage swans and designer chandeliers are inherently ugly.  In fact, one of you loyal readers has volunteered to be on the Fab or Fug chopping block. 

My friend, Jenny, and her new fiance!!, Charlie, are closing on an incredible house today.  Congrats again!  Needless to say, there has been feverish emailing between Jenny and me regarding selections for her new casa.  Although we do not have the exact same style, I totally "get" Jenny's look, even though she thinks that it is "weird."  I believe the quote was, "You know I like weird stuff."  Jenny loves to decorate with "feathers and blue glass."  Those were her guidelines to my helping her.  I don't like to call her style "weird." I prefer "eclectic hippie boho chic fabulousness." 

Now, here were are to the Fab or Fug question of the week. 

In looking for a new chandy, Jenny sent me a picture similar to the one below for input last week.  This picture is from Dick Idol (repulsive and AWFUL company name).  I snagged it from for illustrative purposes. 


What do you think?

Now, again, I totally "get" it.   I appreciate the look.  I like antler chandeliers when placed in super modern and sleek environments.  I think they can do a great job of warming up an otherwise modern space with a found natural element.  They were wildly popular in design rags a few years ago and I gave my enthusiastic blessing then. 

That being said, I believe a dear Texas friend of Jenny and me (hi, Tiff!) shrieked and said that she could find one of those "puppies in any ranch house in Texas."  I agree.  Antleriers (I just made that up) can go very very wrong if placed in a Lincoln Log cabin with Kuntry wooden geese with paint penned names on them...

I have compiled some other antlery options for Jenny.  Let's check them out. 

It is huge.  Everything is bigger in Texas.  Just go with it?  Work it, own it.  I HAVE A BIG ASS ANTLER CHANDELIER.  YOU WANNA MAKE SOMETHIN' OF IT!? 


Um.  Gorj.  Dying.  Love.  Time for me to start writing in coherent sentences again.  I think the above could satisfy Jenny's craving for antlers while successfully avoiding any inference of hunting lodge.   This piece can be found at along with many other smaller and larger options. 

BUT, I have also pulled some lighting options that aren't just Cabela's chic. (Did you know that Cabela's sells lighting? They do.)   I expanded my search to include options that suit Jenny's love of all things au naturale/earthy/comfortable/unique. 

What about these?  I will not even allow you to call these fug.  They are FAB!

I think two or three these would be really cool over a kitchen island...

If you know my particular obsessions (Courtney), the above Oly option is an old standard love of mine. I have had a torrid love affair with this beauty replete with her shell flowers for years.  I am faithful to her forever. 

Who doesn't love capiz?  Honestly, I think it is here to stay.  Capiz is continually reinvented and this baby is verging on a classic now. 

Okay, the birds in birdcage have been known to freak people out.  However, I LOVE this light fixture.  I think it would be fabu in a child's room and the price point is perfection, especially if you don't want to make the huge investment for something kind of fun and whimsical.

Sticks. Nature.  Duh.


This baby had me at hello two years ago when I originally spied it at Hazelnut. 


I cannot find a link that still sells these.  I have loved them for a long time as well.  There was a PERFECT knock off from, but I can't seem to find it.  I bet it could be ebayed.  If you spy it, send me an email!

This is modeled after coal.  Edgy and gothic. 

Hello, I love you.  Won't you tell me your name? 

Driftwood Chandelier.  Currey and Company

I think this simple twig would be a nice option for those who don't want as an overtly "nature" themed light fixture.  Very pretty in a small powder room or maybe even your enormous well stocked walk in closet.  Currey and Company.

Love me, love oyster shells. 

Pottery Barn

Very affordable and, again, a good "naturey" option for someone who is a little gun shy about throwing sticks or oyster shells up on his/her ceiling. 

Pottery Barn

Another affordable option.  Unique.  I was sort of pleasantly surprised that PB produced this.  This nest would also be cute for a nursery or child's room, in my humble opinion. 

Restoration Hardware

This is for those of you who don't camp.  You want a natural element that is not a natural element.  Wood is a natural element.  Understand the equation?  This option may satisfy Jenny's love of natural elements without scaring Charlie too much (although, I know that it is conservative, Jenny!)

Okay, peanut gallery.  Post your comments or shoot me an email letting me know if you are on Team Jenny and want her to pull the trigger on the antlerier.  Is it fab or fug?  I think it is fab if done correctly in her new showstopper home.



Have a wonderful weekend...I may be unable to blog for the next couple of days.  I will be too busy celebrating Who Dat Nation's domination in the black and gold Superbowl, catching some beads with tutu-clad Cate and Lucy, and snuggling my tiny visitors. 


  1. I think I'm still traumatized by the FULL ON antlers, but the white ones are growing on me. That said, between the two of you, I'm SURE y'all will find something amazeballs. Happy hunting and CONGRATS TO JENNY AND CHARLIE!! YAY!

  2. Though I'm not a fan of "animal parts-decor" in general, I do really like the jason miller antler chandy. I think this boutique down the street from me called Tenoversix (great stuff-- check out online store)has one in the showroom, and it's super cute.

    Just to throw out some other lighting options, check out the website for Twentieth, which is a kick-ass furniture store also down the street from me which I lick the glass when I pass by, but as of yet am too scared to enter-- it's freaking expensive. However, their lighting options surprisingly seem to have a decent range. They also happen to sell the jason miller antler chandelier in 4 and 6. Behold the delights:
    I'd like to point out in particular the "Light Shade Chandelier", talk about ballsy and awesome! For the "au naturale" element, see the "Tree Suspended". Also see the "Dome M and L", I think these would look fabu in a kitchen over an island.
    In addition to many a statement piece, they have some great simple ones-- see the "porcelain lamp" with the red extension cord, the "bell jars" and "pressed glass" series.

    And here's a couple beauts from Rewire, which is obviously a mecca for high end lighting (also down the street on Beverly, I think Rachel Zoe's office is above the building from seeing her reality show). Please be my guest if you have about $5 to 10 grand to plonk down on a chandy.
    For these, I die.:

    And one last, this is actually similar in vibe to the antler chandies, but for those who don't have the stomach to go there:

  3. Whoops, just for the record "Jean Guillaume" is me! JG did not spontaneously feel the desire to post about lighting decor!

  4. Fab! Antleriers are totally all over now. I just saw a blog with an antler themed wedding. Jury's still out but def very interesting. In a good way.