Monday, February 15, 2010

Stompers and Splits

Greetings from New Orleans.  Happy Lundi Gras from an overstuffed, exhausted and sick reveler.  It has been a fun (albeit pretty tame, thank god!) weekend of parades, king cake, wine and more wine.  Our guests arrived in a timely manner at the airport and are back to regular life.  I have no voice and no brain cells, but wanted to check in with you gimleters!

My oldest friend, Leigh, joined in the fun starting Thursday night.  A native New Orleanian, she now resides in the City of Angels and has not been to Mardi Gras for five years.  It was about time!  Leigh, of course, contributed to tears of laughter and hilarious antics throughout the weekend, but her greatest contribution to Lombardi Gras/Mardi Gras was informing me of the first all-male dance troupe started by her cousin.  The "610 Stompers" were founded in late 2009 as an answer to the "Pussyfooters" and "Camel Toe Steppers" and other all-female marching groups.  Leigh's dad is the oldest stomper and most of the menfolk in her family make up the group.  It also turns out that some of my girlfriends (including Leigh's sister) serve as "610 Splits," the "bodyguards/regulators." 

Let me just say that there is no question that the 610 Stompers brought down the house hizzle during the Saints Victory parade as well as Muses.  The reaction from the crowd as they watched men of all ages, shapes and sizes do mid air splits in Coach's shorts and mustaches (some real, some fake) was equivalent to its response to Reggie rocking his shades on the front of his float.  I have never laughed so hard during a parade in my life.  They are utterly amazing!

Without further ado, here is a hilarious interview with Leigh's cousin as he explains the concept behind the Stompers as well as their gear and "message." 

The 610 Stompers interview courtesy of

Now...below is a sampling of some of the Stompers' performances at various "engagements" throughout the city.  If you are at work, I highly recommend turning down the volume and trying to stifle your laughter, but you may not be able to do so. 

At the Saints Victory Parade from

This clip features Leigh's dad, Fred.  He is third from the front on the far right.  Who knew that he had such moves?

I hope these clips have gotten you in the Carnival mode....there are tons more on  Just search for 610 Stompers.  Congratulations to Leigh's cousin, Brett, and all of those who organized and contributed to the success of such a fine group in such a short amount of time.  You have proven that "ordinary men can have extraordinary moves" to all of New Orleans (and the world!) 



P.S. Off to assist Lizzie in finishing up her Mardi Gras costume!


  1. "6-10 is the funnest interstate, only known by the locals." Love it.

  2. Meredith swears that she has witnessed the following spontaneous antics from random, very non-athletic-looking Stompers:

    Man doing full mid-air split.

    Man doing a WALKING HANDSTAND for a sustained amount of time.

    Classic and only in N'awlins!!

    PS, I suspect this may be my dad and uncle's 1st and only year as Stompers. We are starting to fear for their lives, dancing for miles in the cold!

  3. DYING! Love it. I think Beau should join next year...

  4. These guys were hilarious! SO funny how serious they all were!