Monday, February 22, 2010

Beach Week

My last post got me obsessed thinking about the large Slim Aarons' photograph in the Palmer Weiss-designed breakfast nook.  Ahhh, to own such a work and get to admire it in person whenever you want! 

Natch, this fantasy led me to a bit of investigation as to how I could make this delusion become a reality.  The search for a poster or a print from and the like did not yield any results.  I did find something very very dangerous, though.  Very dangerous.

Theoretically, you, too, could be the owner of  your own "Poolside Gossip."  The links beneath provide the pricing and sizing information.  To examine an entire gallery of eye candy, click here.  Control your drooling, though. 

Let's just start off by saying that the huge ones (some of which are signed, le sigh) are certainly not in my budget.  The tiny options really aren't either.  However, it can't hurt to look, right? Perfect accompaniment for beachy dreams and all this talk of Palm Springs and Miami.   



This beaut reminds me of the Colony Palms hotel.  I want to be back there now...license to chill.

Beau and I will be having a drinkie at the Fontainbleau this week.  If only it was 1955 (ish)!

Oh, Babe.  I am tortured. 

Had to conclude with some more Kaufmann.  I am having hot flashes.

Let's just end this post with the vision of any one of these genius works framed in your home a la Palmer Weiss or an entire gallery wall of them framed in thin white wooden frames.  If I could have them all framed gallery style, I would never leave my house!  A girl can dream and, after posts about spray paint nozzles, it was time for some fantasy.  

If you want a piece of Slim--without the price tag--here are some tiny tastes:


Here's to champagne wishes and caviar dreams. 



P.S.:  OMG, one more.  Just one more.

Pass me a gimlet! 

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  1. Yeee! License to chill indeed!! I risk spontaneous combustion over these...

    I found this random Russian blog earlier when googling slim aarons, and it is a treasure trove of delightuful "good life" photos from the 50's - 80's, including most of the gems you posted!
    (I'll send you the link in separate email, since for some reason cannot cut & paste into comments).