Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Bold and the Beautiful

Hi everyone! My name is Adrianne Bugg and I started my business, Lambchop Designs, in 2008. Lambchop Designs is "Fun Art for Cool Kids"!!! I am beginning to focus on nursery and big-kid room design. Needless to say, I was really flattered and excited when Jessie asked me to guest blog today.

One of the nursery/kid design topics that BURNS a hole in my head is about BOLD, BEAUTIFUL color. If you have ever been to my site,, you will know about my obsession with real color. Don't get me wrong, I love a good pastel baby room as much as anyone. BUT, let's be honest: do you want your kid's room to look like everyone else's? If you read The Gimlet Eye, then, clearly not! Every room needs a little "kick in the pants" sometimes. Let's look at some bold nursery options, shall we?

We'll start SOFT:
Both of these pics come from another favorite blog: 
She references Urban Grace.

I think you should refer to Jessie's recent post about spray can nozzle attachments. Buy that and some gold spray paint. Have an old Jinny Lind? I do. Paint that beauty! (Side note: This topic makes me want to talk about painting antiques. It's ok. Seriously. Do it.)

Then, get BOLDER:

Rather than sticking with the soft pinks shown above (which is GORG), I would prefer pairing it with the "Catalina" duvet from Serena and Lily:
There is absolutely NO reason you can't have it made into a clever bumper (or toddler-sized duvet) and some fab pillow for the STARK WHITE glider that you will, no doubt, buy to go with the ensemb:


This glider is worth the money, people. No substitutes allowed. Believe me, I have tried! Plus, it is slip-covered. Throw that sucker in the wash with some Oxi Clean...milk spills and sticky suckers = GONE.

Don't forget this fun "truck" pillow if you have a boy:

Or, this cutie if you have a girlie:
I found her at River Birch Gifts in White Stone, VA (804) 435-1215


Ok. On to the WALLS. You didn't think I would let this one go, now, did you? (
One of my favorite collections is the Astrology Series (if I do say so, myself!). It is quirky and cute and will add a little BOLD to your beautiful room. Here are just a few to wet your palate:


 My last "clever" idea of the day...framing dishcloths! I could make this a whole WEEK of posts!! When I was decorating my son's nursery (he is now 2 1/2), I was in love with pastels and, as Jessie would say, "NATCH" needed a POP of color. So...a trip to Anthropologie and a staple gun later...VOILA! (Please note thta the green turtle dishcloth is in a handy frame from Target..$20. I bought green satin ribbon from Benjamin Franklin (a craft store near me) and staple-gunned it to the back to hang.) PERFECT given the light blue and white fish theme going on.

I hope this had been helpful! I have a LOT more where that came from. Make sure to tune in to Lambchop Designs in the near future. I am starting my kid's design blog very soon! If you have questions or want to sign up for my newsletters, email me: Adrianne. We will continue to decorate the theme I've started here!

THANK YOU to Jessie for this fun experience.

Happy decorating and BE BOLD!


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  1. Love the post! The framed dishclothes is a fantastic idea. And am dying at the "Ben Franklin" reference, love that All Thing Colonial are still alive and well in VA!