Monday, February 8, 2010

Live Blogging?

Post Script:

Just when I thought this day could not get any sweeter, I witnessed a seemingly impromptu PARADE just now on Magazine Street.  While attempting to work from my new office (aka PJ's Coffee on Magazine), I was happily disrupted by the sound of three high school marching bands and the clickety clack of dance team boots. 

Here are my bad snaps from less than five minutes ago. 

Sorry to be clogging up your google reader with all of this mayhem, but I figured you "needed" to know what was going on down here!

Cheers II,


P.S. to the P.S.  Lizzie and I are headed to buy as many Times Pics as possible from the Howard St. location of the TP.  Call me if you need one!  They are going to be collectors' items, of course! 

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