Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Lombardi Gras

Beau and I returned home at about midnight last night from partying down with 800,000 to 1,000,000 (!) of our closest friends at the Saints victory parade.  Of course, you can see some professional snaps on pretty much any news or sports website, but I have included some of my favorites below.  My iphone pics were wayyyy too blurry for your eyes.

Backdrop of the Dome.

The Saints are coming!

He got down off of the float near us to share the trophy with the crowd...mob scene! 

I have never seen anything like it at any parade I have ever been to...and I have been to alot of parades in my day.  Downtown could not be entered or exited for hours.  In fact, here is a picture of someone's traffic finder on iphone.  That pretty much says it all. 

No way in, no way out!

Absolutely no complaints here, though.  The revelers were friendly, happy and considerate.  Everyone wanted to just catch a glimpse of the gods and perhaps touch them or get an autograph.  We were all collectively committed to sharing in the moment, relishing the enthusiasm and trying to capture a snapshot of the night in our minds. 

Beau, of course, was dead set on us making eye contact with Tracy Porter by doing an IU cheer...and we were successful! 

The ultimate trouper, of course, was Lucy.  She froze under her blanket after eating blue cheese on scooby snacks at W.I.N.O. well past her bedtime, but never asked to go home and never complained.   She, too, wanted to catch a quick glimpse of Coach Payton holding the trophy (and maybe catch a bead or two). 

Nola baby. 

Here is a pic that my dad sent me from his office building.  This sums it up. 



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