Monday, April 5, 2010

Kitchen Tour, Uptown

I did not forget about my promise to share some of my pics and observations from the Kitchen Tour...I hope you enjoy this.   I tried, I really did. 

The Kitchen Tour started off bright and early a couple of Saturday mornings ago.  I was greeted in the limo with a visual of this. 

Milkscreen Alcohol Testing Strips for Breastmilk.

I am not breastfeeding and I do not have any kiddies, but a certain limo rider is indeed breastfeeding.  Only in New Orleans would testing strips that check your alcohol level in your breastmilk fly off the shelves.  I have never heard of such a thing and am truly entertained that someone invented this and that someone (you know who you are!) bought this and that someone likely profits from this invention. 

For the record, and to protect the innocent, I believe that said testing strips were given to someone as a joke...but then there were maybe used?  And maybe worked?  I really don't know the details, but, again, wish I invented this....and wonder if it is profitable. 

The testing strips set the tone for the day.  But, let's keep our eye on the ball and get to the kitchens.  I have decided to only highlight the kitchens (with a runner up) that I loved as there were multitudes on the tour.  And, of course, I was having too much fun to take tons of know how that goes, right?  I tried for you gimleters, though.  I felt compelled to take pics of some of the details or less-obvious features that tickled me.  For all details of the kitchens (including sources), you can click here

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the two Uptown kitchens that I loved because they were so much more  traditional than my usual propensities.  The top contenders in my opinion were simply perfection because of their easily accessible outdoor spaces.  In fact, these two faves had beautiful spaces right off the kitchen areas.

Here is the formal pic of my vote for the one of the two best Uptown kitchens.  Again, it can be accessed here.

First home we hit.  2022 State Street. 
The wrought iron chandelier is the correct height...not too low to block your view of the person across from you while you are chatting.  Light "washed" -looking cabinets and dramatic matching stove hoods seem to rule the roost in New Orleans these days. 

Charming courtyard off of the kitchen.  Note the moss hanging off the tree. 

I snapped the mini kids kitchen off of the main kitchen.  Cute use of an often-odd space in historic homes...a small room housing the back stairs that is really too small to "be anything" but also necessary.  Note the original? brass hallway fixture.    (All the tour goers with children was commenting that it is a great idea to have a bulletin board per child in an accessible spot as well!)

Can you see what is hanging in the window? 
Three "barrel of monkeys" monkeys.  Again, fun and kid-friendly, especially for the back kitchen stairwell.  I love personal touches that indicate that a family does indeed reside in the home. 

Formal pic of the my other fave Uptown was pretty much right next door to the first one!

Self-proclaimed "provincial country kitchen" in 1938 State Street.  The floors were top notch.  Dark with an even darker grain.   I loved the slate countertops as well, but not sure about the wooden island countertop.    Aesthetically pleasing, but does not stand up to the path of destruction that I leave in my way in the kitchen.  I am curious as to whether anyone can comment on the durability of a custom finish on a wooden island. 

Natural pantry doors.  Lovely detail.

Painting on the wall in between the french doors leading to the stunning outdoor space. 
No one was able to identify the artist for me...anyone? anyone? 

The outdoor space of this kitchen is to die for. 

For Uptown New Orleans, this is a huge retreat!  The slate floored side veranda really was impressive to all the tour goers. 

Had to show that flatscreen....keep things realistic.  And, I must say...what a wonderful space to watch a game with friends! 

Although not my style, I thought this light fixture was such an interesting and perfect touch for the style of this home.  There were two framing the bar area on the veranda.  How charming!

Here is a shot of the next kitchen on the tour. 

Isn't it a showstopper?

Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention.  This is a snap of Mulate's kitchen....I couldn't resist.  We made a pit stop here for a drink and the potty as one of the limo crew is the owner of Mulate's.  Even in my partyin' mode, I thought that including this on the blog would be funny.  Even if just to me. 

We'll continue the real part of the tour shortly.  You may need a break. 



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I would frame this precious notecard. 

And, everything comes very zhushed for you, looking like this...

Oh, and there are some cutie items for big kids as well. 

Fruit and veg bag.  Mother's Day is coming up! 

Anyway, the shop is very sweet and the prices are even sweeter.  It is worth a look see.  Much like said elephant hamper from yesterday's post, fair warning...your child may be receiving a lil something from Pony and Poppy. 

...Unless I opt for one of these for your child.    Not sure yet.  (Please be prepared for the link if you click on it!  Some of the onesies are so scarring I do not believe that anyone actually places his/her child in them!) 


  1. Les cuisines sont très belles!

  2. Jessie! Thanks a big huge bunch for including some of my items in your lovely, lovely blog! We (me!) here at Pony & Poppy feel very honored. You blog is entertaing as well as being a visual treat!

  3. That would be "entertaining." Sheesh.

  4. love the pony+poppy stuff!