Thursday, April 1, 2010


Gimleters!  I cannot be away from you for more than 24 hours.  Hence, I just paid $7.99 for an hour of wireless time so that I could say hello to you kiddies. 

First, and most importantly, Lamar is mine.  I know, his birth name is "Leran ceiling pendant," but he is simply Lamar to me.   My quiet and incredibly. bulky. huge. enormous. fragile. traveling companion. 

Now, the big x factor is whether he will arrive safely on the luggage belt in New Orleans.  He was just whisked away by a sky cap not-so-snuggly jammed tucked in a contractor's trash bag from a Lowe's somewhere near Longview, Texas. 

Ridin' dirty, shot gun style in the front seat of the rental Kia. 

He had me at hello. 

Imagine him all spiffed up and painted white.  He sure beats a standard grade ceiling fan any day. 

I didn't realize how truly challenging it would be to visit the Frisco, Texas Ikea with no means of ground transport to ensure that my wok, coffee press, Expedit shelves, six foot fern, salt and pepper shakers, and patio furniture (oh, and Lamar, of course) would be safely ferried back to New Orleans.  Therefore, sadly, I could only leave with Lamar and a bath mat.  Lame! 

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink....

$139.00.  After all my posts on chaise lounges, for cryin'...


Here's the thing.  I know in New Orleans we are supposed to be proud of our local flavor and "non chainey factor" and, by golly, I really am.  Trust me, I am the one to thwart Beau's requests to go to the "Changers" (aka P.F. Chang's) and ---gasp--- Chili's.   I love the fact that we Nola folk don't consider the Olive Garden or Hard Rock to be haute cuisine and that we really did survive for up to eight years ago without a Tar-jay.  True story. 

That being said, I can only put on this strong front for so long.  Not having an Ikea (and Trader Joe's) sucks.  To me, Ikea is what Disney World is to some people.  Shameless family fun!   The fact that you can obtain a laundry basket, a bag of meatballs, and an ENTIRE KITCHEN under one roof will forever impress me/blow my pea-sized brain.  It felt ridiculous toleave with only two items when I was surrounded with such (overall) useful and dirt cheap bounty.    Lame, Part 2!  (I never thought I'd say this, but I should have just kept the Kia and continued straight on through to Shreveport...) 

I cannot wait to reveal Lamar in all of his glory to you....the electrician is coming next week to install him.  He just has to be painted (along with the entire patio set, console table...) for execution purposes. 

Here is a truly bad snap of some cows from my road trip, BTW.  You may be able to see Lamar's head peeping out of the window. 


I wish I had taken a snap of the enormous high school football stadiums I saw along the way to Gilmer.  Even more fabu "Varsity Blues-ish" to me was the fact that each small town was welcoming you "to the home of INSERT FOOTBALL TEAM NAME HERE."  It reminds me of Indiana, but the football instead of basketball version.  I loved it!  (and, naturally, Beau has texted me incessantly with "Miss Davis, will you go prom wit me?") 



P.S.  Hoppy Easter/ Passover/ Spring Break!  I have a fun shopping post ready for you tomorrow. 


  1. Oh I would so love to have an Ikea in Metairie!
    Anthro is coming to Canal Place this summer where PB used to be. I remember when we had no Target and I drove to Lafayette for a fix. Big is not always bad.
    Happy Easter darlin'
    xo xo
    PS Lamar is dashing!
    PPS I'm in on the next shopping road trip! We can take the perch. truck!

  2. Glad you made it out alive from Tay-haas!

    I have a suggestion for fulfilling your Ikea-fix needs in the meantime. Next time you're in the Heart of Texas, simply make friendly and hitch a ride with a big rig driver. This can easily be accomplished at any gas station, truck stop diner, or even possibly Chili's. Once you have your new friend, get your shopping on and voila: Heavy lifting and transportation of yourself and your goods are taken care of! And you have a companion to kill time with.

    Note: It is important to establish beforehand that the driver is traveling east. Otherwise...roadtrip! The Gimlet Eye will become a highly interesting travel log...

  3. I have that ikea rocking chair in my daughters room. Its great!

  4. ah...I have lucid dreams of IKEA here in Nola...reveries sometimes :)

    Love your blog, by the way!

  5. oh, i almost forgot what it was like to live in a world without ikea! i'm so spoiled... we have one about 10 minutes from my house so i can just pop by on a whim. and i often do. half the nursery is ikea furniture and i keep thinking of excuses to go back... nothing like it for a room on a budget. just another reason for you to move to cali!