Friday, April 9, 2010

High Society

I promise you haven't watched the most craptacular show on television called "High Society."  I seriously am the only person I know that has even heard of it much less WATCHED it.  It is a CW "reality show" that follows socialite Tinsley Mortimer and her crew around NYC as she navigates her new post separation/divorce world.  Tinsley actually seems to be fairly likable because the rest of the cast....I am stopping here.  There is no need to even continue discussing the non-existent plot line of this show as if it is the topic of a thesis. 

However, if you want to read more (I know you might...), please read this Gawker article.  I warn will be laughing out loud. 

Tinsley Mortimer.

The only thing I noticed between the offensive dialogue (google "racist" and "High Society TV show") and the end credits was a glimpse of Tinz's fabulous decor.   I spent days after the "premiere" episode trying to google things like, "Tinsley Mortimer crying on bed still shot" or "still of Tinsley Mortimer bedroom High Society" with no luck.  I was going to admit to watching this s-show earlier and document the decor finds for you, but to no avail. 

Well, color me surprised as I am on Casa Sugar and see "Get the Look: High Society."  The stills!  They were there!  (Not to mention a fun sourcing article helping you "get the look" of Tinz's new bachelorette pad and former Upper East Side apartment)

Now, for the record, I do not die over the UES digs of Tinz and Topper (ex husby).  Very very traditional in nature and designed by her Mommy Dearest, Dale Mercer. 

The mother.

However, the eye candy in the first (and only) episode I watched was plentiful and, of course, there were some snaps included that I want to discuss as they demonstrate the fresh and funky decor in Tinz's "new life."

I am having some difficulty converting the images from Casa Sugar, but you can definitely get the idea of what intrigued me....note the two small chairs at the end of the bed with the Matouk bolsters.  I thought that was an interesting way to create a seating area in lieu of the usual bench, particularly in a small space.  Of course, I immediately spied the enormous Madeline Weinrib rug and lucite coffee table. 

As Tinz wept on her former marital bed, I was spying one of my favorite bedding patterns by Lulu DK.  I think it is interesting that there was a solo Lulu DK pillow.  Not as luxe as I would have envisioned.  (I also love her green kicks...certainly the one and only clothing item that Tinz and I have in common!)

Tinz and Topper's former UES apartment.  Very WASPy, no?  I love those peacock chairs though....they inject at least a bit of youth and energy into the place. 

Roomies "Dabs" (Tinz's sister) and "Jules" (the racist controversy character) purchase matching mono'ed Frette linens.  Hilariously, I actually found the above snap from this other Casa Sugar article.  They must love High Society!  Anyway, you can easily "get the look" of the above Frette linens for 1/17 of the price through Pottery Barn or even Matouk.  I did not love the choice of black and white in the particular reminds me of Brit and K.Fed's matching track suits at their wedding. 

I highly recommend that you: 1) Never watch "High Society", but 2) Do read the Casa Sugar articles in general that help you "Get the Look." They are pretty fun.  I mean, who wouldn't want to "Get the Look" of Scott Baio's "Groovy Living Room?" 

Oh, and yes, by reading this post about "High Society" you did lose a few brain cells.  Re-read the "Treme" post and maybe you will gain some of them back?

HAPPY WEEKEND!  It is gorgeous here....time for crawfish under our new umbrella.



P.S.  I love the fact that I just got an official email from a professional in New Orleans that started, "I hope you and your family are enjoying the holiday season."  YEP...we consider French Quarter Fest and pre-Jazz Fest a holiday season!

P.P.S.  I am currently working on a portfolio of my own home as well as other design projects for the site.  However, because I really do want to keep this blog as a recordation of the good, the bad, the ugly and the REAL, here is another non-styled house snap.  (You can even see the barrier of counter stools against the chair, which prevents you-know-who from jumping on the chair and taking a nap...same reason for the black doggie alarm across the sofa)  Ignore all of the junk and check out Lamar!  Fully glory!  I could not be happier. 

As soon as the auditor gives me permission, I am going rug shopping.  Recall, we sold the fab Nate Berkus guy last week via the blog! 


  1. I have not caught "High Society", as I have taken a break from Poirot and am now watching re-runs of the "Highlander" tv series on Netflix. Before I shoot myself for admitting this on your blog, I must say that the early 90's fashion is out of control... There are high-waisted light blue Gap jeans with belts, long sleeve scoop neck body suits and vests ensembles a go-go! Just wanted to share.

    Lamar looks great along with the patio table! Did you not get the striped seat cushions from ebay?! And... is Angelo still there?? Or is that just a pillow balancing on the protective tables?

  2. Lamar looks great. I can't wait to see the rest of your pictures. DWR and World of Interiors are doing design contests this month, you should submit something!