Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Earning my stripes

Nothing is more crisp and timeless than bold simple stripes outdoors.  Since I cannot have awnings or amazingly over the top curtains like this...

Novogratzes again.
"I die" for the porch light.

The delightful Colony Palms Hotel in Palmy S. 

Lemonade Stand at the Parker. 

Round Hill in Jamaica...take me there!

Viceroy umbrellas and cabanas. 

I have implemented stripes into my outdoor decor in a tiny (and VERY affordable) fashion.  Courtney, proxy shopper extraordinaire, knew that I was on the hunt for the aforementioned bit o' stripes and sent me a text photograph from Ikea yesterday featuring this guy...

The Hallo cushion.  Um, $9.99.  Navy and white cabana stripe for my recently-painted yellow outdoor dining set. 

Now.  This post was going to end here.  UNTIL, I get an email from my friend today with "DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS?" in the subject line and "WHY DIDN'T WE THINK OF THIS?" in the body. 

These geniuses people will drive to Houston and bring your Ikea goods back to you (if you live in Nola, BR, or the Gulf Coast).  They charge 20% of your Ikea total if you buy up to $1,000.00 worth of goods and 15% of your Ikea total if you buy over $1,000.00 of merch. 

No, no, I did know know about this.  [See the Lamar series here]

I will, however, be using this service if I am in desperate need of certain Ikea items  (Expedit shelves...more bath mats, scales, planters, outdoor loungers...) and want to deprive myself of Swedish fish and a 700 mile drive in a rental truck. 



P.S.  Countdown begins til tax day and, oh, Beau's birthday too.  
(Oldest lamest joke in the book is to call someone who was born on April 15 and tell them Happy Tax Day!)   


  1. This news is lifechanging. Whoever lovebluebag is, they are a genius! I'm giddy with excitment over the prospect of all the planters and picture frames and patio furniture being mine!

  2. Loved the post today and I immediately "googled" images of my favorite use of yellow and white stripes, the pool at Southfork. I was all too excited to see that someone, who could be me, wrote this post two years ago. I read each line with excitement and confusion wondering why this woman and I share a mind. (I must say, I am a little disappointed that I'm not as unique as I thought I was.) Anyway check it out!

  3. The Ikea pillows, done and done.

    Delighful shot of Margin of Error, aka Colony Palms.

    Blue bag, genius! No more need to hitchike with truckers.

    To Beau, Happy Early Tax Day, har har! We'll "take it to the streets" with you next week at Jazz Fest!

  4. Great post, Louis would be proud! The front of my house is my goal for the summer. The crib has no style. I think if I paint my front stoop overhang and add some black/white striped curtains, this could be an improvement. When I complete the project I will send you a picture!

  5. I will totally pool my resources with you if you ever order from Bluebag! Truly an epic idea.

  6. Your stripes caught my eye! I love awnings and love stripes too. These are great images. That design and build couple with all the kids makes me feel like I've got nothin' goin' on! Gotta get busier with house projects and the like. What a life and love that home in MA, the state I live in. My house is a typical colonial kind of like theirs. Mmm...paint the shutters yellow?