Friday, April 16, 2010

Fabu (real life) Furniture Friday

I love redoing antique (or just fug) furniture with fresh upholstery and paint, etc.  Many of the pieces in our home are oldies that have been recovered, repainted, or freshened in some way.  I will always show you good befores and afters, of course, both from my own home and those of others with whom I work to refresh their pieces. 

Do you know what is even better than a great before and after of an antique?  A fab antique that is so timelessly fab that it doesn't even NEED to be reupholstered!  They are a rarity in my opinion as most really great vintage furni has at least one layer of date stamped fabric underneath (Laura Ashley, brown/orange polyester, tired know those culprits!) 

Imagine my (and Julie's) collective excitement when we walked into Amber's home to see this beaut. 

The color in "real life" reads far more emeraldy than in this picture. 
It is in PERFECT condition. 

When asked where Amber purchased this bad boy, she told us, "An estate sale. One of the awesome ones."  'Nuf said.  It fits her family's traditional decor to a tee, but I could see him anywhere...perfectly classic lines! 

Amber better watch her back.  I know where she lives, and it is close to me.  I may try to steal the fab sofa and, if forced,  re-upholster it in this (although, again, it is perfect as is!):

$7.99 a yard! 

If you have pics of fab furniture that doesn't even need reupholstering, send it to me.  I am curious! 


P.S.  Happy Friday!  I am completing an awesome/disgusting trifecta of restaurants this weekend.  I am on round two tonight.  Last night, Clancy's for Beau's b-day.  Tonight, Emeril's with my law school girls (courtesy of Mary's gift certificate...even better!).  Tomorrow, Lilette with my parents for Beau's b-day.  Gotta love Nola livin'.  Sometimes the over consumption is just beautifully wonderfully gross. 


  1. Do you have a local upholsterer?

  2. Athena:
    I always use Leonel's in Kenner. They pick up and deliver and are fairly priced. Good luck!

  3. Dinner was fun! I too had a weekend of good meals (but disgustingly overate). Trainer Gary would NOT be thrilled.

  4. I love that sofa!

    And you better start your water fast now, because the stuffing of poboys and fisherman's platters will begin again on Wednesday!