Monday, April 26, 2010

Hot tip

Thanks, Sarah, for tipping me off about the really really great graphic outdoor pillows at the Targe (prounounced like "barge" with a little zhush at the end).  Who would have thunk?

I am absolutely delighted by them!  Um, $ were they not snatched?
I bought one for each adirondack on our front porch.  It was hard to derail from my natural inclination to buy the orangey and red ones, but I think they will perfectly complement my imaginary new bird feeder. 

**they are also online in sets for two for $17.49, but shipping isn't free.  Be warned...the oldest Targe trick in the book!

Remember I posted about the CB2 tweeting bird feeder here?
Now I really want it!

So, what is my real life recent acquisition?

I know.  Stunning, right?
Please note hint of sarcasm.

Hear me out.  I purchased this dingy basket super cool vintage planter/stool/side table at an estate sale Leigh and I happened upon en route back from the coffee shop.  Because it was next door, we figured "why not?"  The house also recently sold after being on the market for quite some time, and I had to check it out, of course...for market research aka nosy nosiness. 

Leigh bought some nifty silver trays for soaps and I bought this guy for $10.00.  Once freshened up with a coat of paint, it will likely house the plant I want to place next to our front door.  I think my millions of cans of various shades of orange paint will work perfectly! 

Now, I am super tempted to turn the basket over and make a wee tuffet out of it....a round double welt piped cushion would be so cutie.  OR, I think it would be rockin' with a round glass or even mirrored top.  Such a fun little cocktail table.  OR, it could be a great umbrella aqua goodness.  It really is the right size for a variety of fun yet practical uses. 

The choices are endless and, therefore, I am posting this dirty and unloved basket to hold me accountable for making it into something great.  Fast. 



P.S.  So, if you are in Nola and love you some tacos and/or food trucks, I must recommend the Taceaux Loceaux truck to you.  We were at Dos Jeffes and up it pulled.  Naturally, we (ugh...using the royal "we" here...) had to have a second dinner and tried the vegetarian tacos.  The ingredients were so fresh and the flavoring was perfection.  Just sayin' YUM. 
The truck is also super awesome.  Their graphic (you can see it to the right of the window) is really clever.  A Katrina "X" with a cow, chicken, veggies, and pig.  In love with Taceaux Loceaux! 

P.P.S.   Jazz Fest was the ultimate dichotomy. Friday was the wettest, swampiest, deluge of all time (possibly worse than Billy Joel 2 years ago) and Sunday was the most gorgeous, beautifulest, perfectest fest day I can remember.  Either way, we had a wonderful time with our guests, and I think we have a new lifelong fester in J.G.!

Beau ready for Fess at Fair Grinds (we got there so early we had to have a little coffee pre-gates!).  I am posting this picture b/c 1) I think it is cute and 2) I think if you have Beau's email or phone number, you should contact him and ask him about how he acquired his kick a new Tipitina's shirt. 


  1. Beau is so cute:) Is he "over" the endless visits to garage/estate sales or does he deal with it?

  2. hmmmm ... tacos! i would love to try that place but 10PM is kinda late for me nowadays!

  3. The term "wee tuffet" is killing me.

    Hee, hee, I will let Beau tell his tale of how he acquired his new cool cat tee. All I will reveal is that it officially kicked off the start of "Week of Beau 2010" and involved a kindly bar maiden named Big Patty...

    PS- Taceaux Loceaux was weird delish!

  4. Thanks for the shout out! Glad you liked the Taceaux.