Sunday, April 18, 2010

Extra! Extra! Ripped from the headlines

The Good:

First Weekend Schedule is out! 
t minus 5 days until Jazziest.

The Bad:

This was a treat, considering that we spent all day on Saturday looking for a new car.  Depressing/Exciting becoming a two car family again! 

The Great:

Okay, not a headline, but kind of a news alert. 

I figured I would share the wealth of our storage unit with you gimleters pre-Craiglist.  We are selling this heavy mahogany armoire (we used it as a TV armoire in our old house).  We purchased it on Magazine Street five years ago for $900.00.  It is in pretty good shape, but has definitely been through multiple moves.  It has a large shelf to hold your television or clothes as well as a large drawer across the bottom. It is really beautiful and is, sadly, currently sitting in storage because we don't need it!  It could be yours (or one of your friend's) for $450.00 o/b/o.  I don't have exact dimensions, but Beau is 6'0" 5'10" Please spread the word! 

More pics:

Diamond detail on the front door.

Dusty, but fine!  You can see the hole drilled for wires and the shelf.

Detail of the unique legs. 

Now, another great item.  We are also selling this low console from Crate and Barrel.  It is in almost perfect condition.  It is also about five years old.  We purchased it for $400.00 (or maybe a bit more).  We are selling this cutie for $250.00 o.b.o.  It is a great tv console and/or bookshelf.  Again, we simply have nowhere to put it!  It is handsome and a great size...petite but holds a substantial amount of goods.   

Two glass front doors swing open to reveal two shelves. 

Just another lil shot.  The handles are a dark oil rubbed bronzey. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.  Pass along the good word to any friends who would be interested.   Both of these items are at a storage unit, so we would have to coordinate for you to see them.  Here's to deals and steals!




  1. Oh my. I really wish I could snag that armoire for new baby's room. I love a good armoire for smocked clothing and baby shoes!!

    P.S. I love Beau's "Vanna White" impression.

  2. Did you find a car?? Beau is living the dream AND gets a new car. Jealous doesn't even begin to cover it. lol

  3. Yeee!!!! JG and I are true pumped and ready to Fest it up!! The tevas and fanny packs are packed and ready to go!

  4. Adrianne---

    I was going for a Barker's beauty impression.

    But I guess I'll settle for V-Dubbs.