Friday, April 23, 2010

(Not) Sick of these Sticks

Recall that I declared I was sick of sticks to much of your collective chagrin.  You people are passionate about sticks and nearly crucified me for declaring that this decorating "technique" should be banished.   Forever. 

Still not acceptable! 

I presented you lots of alternatives for sticks and even discussed the beauty of forcing natural branches (for those of you who simply can never part with some form of sticks).  Here is proof that I am not entirely sick of sticks...particularly if they look like these. 

iphone snap of my very own branches (which are quite different than dusty sticks!) on buffet.

These branches were $5.00 for a bunch of four at WINN DIXIE (not Whole Foods!)  I like how they look separated into different types of clear glasses....ranging from the high to the low (Simon Pearce vase, courtesy of Chris and Courtney, paired with St. Germain carafe, courtesy of Emily...see it on the back left?)

Anyway, I think there is something interesting about the grouping at different heights...oh and those little yellow blossoms in front of my ginormous sun mirror!  Let's hope they last for a couple of weeks. 

Now.  For some non-sticky related business.  Jazz Fest is here.  If you are not actively sitting on the track enjoying a mango freeze and crawfish monica, then you need to tune in from wherever you are. 

click here for the live stream

When we are not at the track, eating po-boys at a restaurant, or at Tipitinas, we will be here, enjoying the company of our wild guests, Leigh and Jean-Guillaume.

I could not be more delighted with the way it all turned out.  The Ikea Hallo cushions fit like a glove and are super comfy.  Highest recommendation from me...and the price cannot be beat.

I hope to see some of you at the Fest!



P.S.  For those of you who are not festing 'round the clock and live in Nola, I received a tip from friend and loyal Gimlet commenter, E. Lee.  She does some work for the talented Kathy Slater of Kathy Slater Interiors on Magazine and passed along this flyer.

Antiques and decorative items sale by a grouping of notable antique vendors, some of whom have storefronts on Magazine.  It apparently also looks like the home where the sales are occurring is fabu.  If it is storming tomorrow (which it unfortunately may be), head to Old Metairie to snag some good finds....and tell me about what you see/buy!  Thanks, E.Lee! 

P.P.S. Thanks so much to all of you, but the armoire has sold as well.  Gone to the highest bidder.  I will hopefully be able to post some more stuff soon....continuing to purge!


  1. Like to see a variation on a stick chez you!! Also think that cherry blossoms are a lovely option this time of year (though their availability seems to be regional). I am inspired to group some of my own blooming sticks (or branches if that is a more acceptable term) in a grouping of vases. Happy Jazz Fest!!

  2. Yeee! I am now toiling at work and barely awake after a week o' fun with the absolute BEST hosts this side o' the Mississip!
    Now having stayed at Chez Haynes I can personally attest that the blooming sticks, or branches, look amazing. You have found a worthy alternative to dusty sticks, I bow down.

    Also, we took the patio set and new Ikea cushions for a road test on multiple nights of shootin' the breeze with brewskies/riesling/sauvignon blanc, and it was a winner!

    In fact, JG and I were so grateful to our generous hosts that we redecorated the guest room to show our appreciation, free of charge. We decided on a whimsical homage to a Led Zeppelin Sunset Hyatt room, circa 1977, which consisted of drunkenly tearing down the drapes and knocking over the bedside table contents, including a glass of water. Unfortunately we did not take photos, but it was truly an inspired bout of decorating!