Thursday, April 15, 2010


It's official.  Spring Fever has struck and I am burned out.  Tired.  Uninspired.  Desperately seeking a recharge. 

As such, it is the perfect time to start plotting/day dreaming/ playing online to find a perfect spot for the birthday boy and myself to get away from it all over Thanksgiving.  (For the past --gulp-- almost six years that we  have been married, we have tried to give ourselves a vacay instead of tangible anniversary gifts.  Overall, we have succeeded, but occasionally our efforts have been stymied by things like buying a new house, fixing an old house, twelve out of town weddings in one year, etc.)  Although we would love to take a summer vacation to our farflung destinations, we have discovered that Thanksgiving is the perfect time to escape because we already "get" two and a half days off of work, thereby allowing us to leave for a solid week and not miss very much. 

Needless to say, I really think we have found the spot and here's to hoping it will happen (ie: booking it soon so it has to happen)! 

Check out the brand spankin' new W Hotel in Vieques, PR.  Aside from the obvious fabulousness of both the actual W property as well as unspoiled Vieques itself, the quick (and affordable) flight is the selling point!  We don't have too much time to spend traveling on a this point in our lives, our jobs only allow us to spare so much travel time and, therefore, we want to just GET THERE ALREADY.

Private beach at W....for the days when it takes too much energy to lounge on the other nine beaches of Vieques. 

Want. the. lounger. and. hanging. basket. chair. (and a drinkie poo!)

Lobby with view of sea.

Restaurant with view of sea...


White sand, calm surf. 

Had to include more of the agua!

Someone's shot of the colorful lounger from tripadvisor.  Now THAT is some fabu patio furni!

Let's hope this trip comes to fruition.

Speaking of the W in Vieques, it was featured on Rue La La today.  I was so excited and hoping for deals and steals.  Unfortunately, the special rate (three days in a mega room with a $200.00 resort credit) is only applicable through June.  For the drones like us, that is too last minute, but, if you can make it happen, the package really is a ridonk deal.

To allay my burn out and get us prepped for the vacay, I think we need this. 


I actually really love this guy, but really have no where to put him.  Between Lamar and the peacock chair, I think we have enough rattan at 2-3-4. 

We also need this.

Who doesn't secretly or not so secretly love a baby pool?  (Indie and me raising our paws/hands)
Beau, for being one of the least snobby/judgy people I know, is not so quiet in his belief that baby pools are of, um, questionable taste.  As long as it is in the backyard, right?  I swear I will not put it in the front yard for the fancy neighbors to see. 

I mean, it is almost as nice as this...

Snap of the Turtle Inn's pool better Belize it!
(Another luxurious spot that is accessed pretty quickly from the have to be comfortable with transport via minute puddle jumper to get there )

I hope some of these pics provided you with a much deserved mental vacay.  If you have any hotel snaps or reviews you think the gimleters would be interested to hear about, let me know.  I love a good travel photo or great hotel site, especially when the burn out is at high heat.   



P.S.  Happy Birthday/Tax Day, Honey Bun!


  1. Oh it looks delish. I want all of that too!
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  2. I guess Beau will shielding himself from the sun under the umbrella in Puerto Rico! Us whities have it hard!!!! HA!

    Looks like a fab place!


  3. Deee-liteful! License to chill...