Sunday, April 4, 2010

InStyle Inspiration

I always treat myself to magazines at the airport.  It is the ultimate guilty pleasure for me because magazines are pretty much one of my favorite things in life.  Very closely tied with books, dogs, and cheese.  When Beau and I decided to start "trimming the fat" a couple of years back, the magazine "budget" a.k.a me buying as many mags as I wanted every time I went to Walgreen's was slashed.  Usually I wait for Julie's scraps and read her magazines when she is done or wait for a doctor's office or pedi appointment. 

Anyway, while at the airport waiting for my Dallas flight, I purchased Carribean Travel and Life, Travel and Leisure, and InStyle.  I devoured them all before I got onto the plane, which is par for the course.  Hence, I was forced to buy more at the Dallas airport on the way back to New Orleans.  I treated myself to a fat copy of Elle.  The clear winner from my binge?  InStyle!  (Did I mention that I love most magazines BECAUSE of the fact that they are a wonderful escape?  Hence, no mention of The Economist here.)

I love InStyle and used to have a subscription.  I think it is always filled with unique and stylish home ideas and wonderfully illustrates high and low options for wardrobe, make up, and gifts.  Well, this month was chock full of goodies, in my humble opinion.  I am going to pepper my posts throughout the next couple of weeks with bits and pieces of neat clips from InStyle.  However, I must start with the feature on Julie Bowen's home. 

Her casa, designed by her sister, Molly Luetkemeyer, perfectly combines the ideal elements of a family home: chic, comfortable and unique. (Not to mention that I love those Cali mid-century ranches, of course!)  She shares it with her husband and two tinies. 

I love her dress and necklace in this shot....and I spy a metal curtain for the fireplace grate. Old skool. 

I pulled these three snaps from the InStyle website.  You can read a snippet of the larger article here.   

Don't fret.  I am not going to leave you hanging with the tiny website pics.  I did some e-investigating and pulled up Molly's site.  The "Studio City" residence is Julie's.  Here are the images of her home....always interesting to compare the styled magazine images and those of the designer's website. 

Great shot of the bathroom.  The article mentions that they found the chandy on ebay.  Of course! 
The wicker elephant side table is adorable.

It reminds me of the elephant hamper that I will one day purchase for a nursery whether it be in my house or someone else's.  Watch out if you are having a baby soon and I am invited to your shower. 

Of course, I cannot resist the kilim rug. 

Great shot of the formal living room.  That chaise is killer...and a comfy gathering place,  according to the article.  All that glass, too. 

Well-styled bookshelf.  Olive paint looks sharp. 

I had to include some of Molly's other interiors for your review.  Perhaps I will one day derail from featuring Cali-only designers.  I promise!

Bel-Air dining room. 

Slim Aarons!?  I think so...

I spy a great book on the side table...only if you need the ultimate tear jerker, though. 

Love that soaking tub as well as the use of the very traditional dresser. 

Bookshelf in the Laurel Terrace residence.  Um, had to include b/c of the great books again!  Zeitoun is one of my favorite books of all time.  And, looks like the owner is a Michael Lewis fan.  I personally love to see "real" books in a know, the type that the home owners actual read/have read?  Bring out your  non-matchy books that say something about you. 

Note Ikea chair AGAIN.  ...and check out Benji at the top of the stairs...or is that Caesar?  Either way, I can hardly stand the cuteness.  (and, bravo, for including a little family member in the portfolio!) 

Sunset Plaza residence's terrace...I want to be there now!

Other side of deck.  Beautiful promontory in the hills.

The world is small.  I have been to this is in Chicago about 2.2 from my sister-in-law and brother-in-law's old apartment.  They took us there years ago, and I remember loving loving loving the decor! 

The wallpaper. 

Note the doorknocker on the bathroom. I kind of love that... something Crazytown is always great in a home. 

I love the front door of this Hancock Park residence....and those ebony floors. 

Check out InStyle this month...everything from Gwen Stefani, Rachel Zoe's jewelry collection, and an entire section dedicated to use of color in your home.  OR, if you don't have time to check out InStyle, I have done it for you and will happily discuss it with you this week. 



P.S.  I found a great site for outdoor umbrellas that are affordable.  Although nothing particularly "special," this white one will hopefully do the trick with our new yellow outdoor table.  Free shipping, too.
I will let you know how it all turns out. 


  1. my favorite is the dining room.

    loved your comment - you should know me better than think I would be traveling to the Caribbean!!! I wish!!!! ;)


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  3. Dying over this designer's stuff, love, love, love!