Sunday, April 11, 2010


I think everyone (especially those who "know") should draw his or her own conclusions about "Treme."  There is much to be said, but basic opinions/observations:
1) Accents are good.  So refreshing.  (The Chief and Deshotels chef particularly!)
2) Casting is excellent (really, to a tee).
3) No detail overlooked....particuarly the audio of choppers in the background of pretty much every scene as well as the signs on the telephone poles.   
**The only inconsistency I noted was the Dome in the background looking "fixed" three months after Katrina. 

However, aside from mentions of Brocato's, Dorignac's, Irene's and lots of Zapp's and Abita in hand, our biggest thrill was seeing our friends, Paola and Jose (mentioned here), as celebrities in the opening credits. 

This photograph was originally published in the TP in 2005.  I texted Paola right away...I think she maybe was even surprised by their headlining appearance!

Beau and I definitely plan to continue tuning in, especially if the likes of Elvis Costello and Kermit Ruffins continue to make cameos. 

Still deciding on whether to leave Comments open. 




  1. i will have to figure out a way to see this!

  2. Oh and fyi for those who don't know, the new May issue of Food & Wine has a whole section on "New Orleans Style", and features Bryan Batt hosting a cocktail party! Also highlights some designers around town...

  3. That picture just got me all choked up! I need to watch the episode again, I feel like I missed so much!