Thursday, April 15, 2010


In my Comments, Gimleter, Emily, pointed out that I was remiss in featuring the greatest yellow and white awnings ever captured by television...those of Parker, Texas' grand dame, Southfork!

 The gateway to drama, intrigue and beauty...

Cue Dallas introduction now.

For my French gimleters...

Okay, back to the exterior shots that spawned this post.

Note the awnings! And "my" patio furni!

The iconic pool. 
Many a character (or corpse) was found thrown in the pool. 

More of the awnings. 

Dramatic shot of sunset at Southfork via flickr.

Wait.  I am going to ASSUME you know what I am even talking about.  If you do not, then you are very young and I am jealous.  If you do, let's continue.

Did you know that you can visit Southfork and even get married there?  (Maybe I should have extended my Dallas trip...)

Main entrance of the mansion.
"The most famous White House west of D.C." 

Built in 1970, Southfork typifies the resurgence of the Georgian style in the 1970s and 80s.  I remember thinking that the pool and mansion at Southfork were so luxurious...the ultimate example of how the other half lived! In the era of the McMansion, however, Southfork is quite "small" at a mere 4,767 square feet.   The pool looks paltry these days when compared to the mini water parks people build in their backyards. 

     This crew is fay-ncy, though....nothing but the best for the Ewings!

Now, I am a purist and, because the interior shots were not actually filmed at Southfork, I am going to leave you only with the pics of the exterior and grounds.  Don't be disappointed though!  I am publicly calling upon the local (if not regional) Dallas expert, Emily, to do a post on Dallas style to educate all of us.  After all, she has some very exciting Dallas happenings going on in her life. 


P.S.  Bonus points if you can tell me who shot J.R. 

P.P.S.  EXTRA bonus points if you knew that Priscilla Presley had a bit part as Bobby's first love (pre-Pam, of course). 


  1. I actually toured Southfork when I was in Dallas a couple of years ago. The pictures are deceiving - the house is tiny. The pool? Tiny...The LONGGGGGG driveway? Yes, ummm, tiny.

  2. "Daaaaallaaaas! Ton univers impitoyable..."

    Translation: "Dallas! Your pitiless universe.."
    Heh,heh, glad you dragged that gem out!
    (and I'm not bothering to change JG's name, it's appropo!)

  3. what's sad is when I lived in dallas, every fam member who came down had to visit SF. We were even there when they were filming. Ahhh good times. Now the pictures of me in my "western wear" not so much.