Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We talked about refrigerators so much post-K.  How much they reeked, what was in them when "It" came, how to tape them so they wouldn't leak, how much they cost to replace...it became exhausting.  When we replaced ours, we were so sick of thinking about and seeing refrigerators, we just ordered whatever one could be delivered the easiest and our insurance would cover.  I remember saying that I never wanted to talk about "ice boxes" again. 

Halloween fridges in Bywater via flickr. 

That is, until I saw the Smeg a couple of years ago and was reminded of it tonight after seeing our new favorite show, 9 by Design.  (Beau and I are both obsessed...)


Compact and simple, the way I like my appliances and all things technical.
(Not sure if I have mentioned that I yearn for a Wagoneer as my dream car and sincerely wish people still used answering machines...technology scares me)

They are available in a rainbow of fruit flavors and would provide maximum impact for a smaller space...no need for spendy finishes in your kitch, here is your showstopper.  They are small, though.  If you need some serious fridge space in your kitch, maybe the Smeg would be a better option for a pool house or rec room. 

My favorite is the above mint green one, but I really am tickled pink by the well, pink.

Delightful, right?
(...even if you would never actually use it, you must admit that it is delectable eye candy!)



P.S.  The best deal I found on the Smeg was online here....it includes free shipping, which is why it is the most cost-efficient choice. 


  1. The pink one is F-U-N!!!!!!!

  2. I would get the pink one in a heartbeat. It would match my pink KitchenAid mixer. I have never heard of this brand. I love it. KS

  3. I love the Smeg but am scarred by the name!