Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nola art, Nola artist

This sign was snatched out of my shopping cart on One Kings Lane this morning.  I am sad.  I forget how cut throat shopping on Rue La La, Gilt or OKL can be.  (I should have learned from the Spanx sale incident of 2009...)

From Skout.  ($139.00 from $289.00)
**If you need an invite to One Kings Lane, let me know...I will send you one! 

I really try to avoid too much "themey" New Orleans stuff in our home (it is a bit "concert tee to the concert" to me...), but I figured that, if this didn't work in our little hallway, it was too great not to be used for someone's project.  And, a great price for a large canvas piece.  Heck, I could have sold it to a gimleter.  Boo. 

Perhaps to allay my disappointment, I will be forced to buy dream about this photograph Leigh and I spotted (and now collectively yearn for...) at Jazz Fest last weekend. 

Tropicana girl, taken by the artist, Christopher Porche-West, in Cuba two years ago. the particular frame she was living in.   

Some of my other faves from his comprehensive website (check it out!):

Now, the showstoppers are Porche-West's assemblages.  He creates the frames for his art pieces from found objects obtained throughout Nola.  Some of them are simple, but others are highly in and of themselves.

(My absolute dream framed photo/small assemblage is not on his website, but we spied it at the Fest and take my is fabu)

As I have mentioned before, I love to trawl the crafts area at Jazz Fest, even if just for a few minutes.  I have referenced some tiny art work I bought at JF in the past and hope to find a little treat this upcoming weekend...if it isn't rainy!  I hope to share another talented artist with you from my adventures...




  1. Mr Porche-West's photographs and frames were absolutely beautiful, the Tropicana girl photo was so stunning in person. I will have to wait to purchase it though, as I just bought an iPad on impulse! I am typing away on it right now and I must say it's delightful! Technology here I come!

  2. Hey! I'm new to your blog! I'm from Baton Rouge originally but live in Charlotte now. I have a few NOLA art pieces in my house and I know what you mean.. I could have my house full of them but have to be careful.
    love the blog!

  3. SAD FACE!! The print is awesome. I didn't even look at the sale that day because I'm trying to refrain from impulse buying at the moment, but that was a true missed opportunity!!