Monday, March 22, 2010

Monograms and Mimosas

Great theme for a bridal shower, birthday party or any other type of "showering" event.  Whether you are Super Southern (double "S"), Preppy Mc Prep, Cali Chill, Eco Chic, or Urban Warrior (and any combination of those...which most of us are), what girl doesn't love a stylish monogram? 

Something for every stye at Leontine Linens.

My sister's crew hosted a mongram wedding shower for her on Saturday,  and I must say that after sitting through all different types of showers for the past ten (plus) years, you become sort of immune to the gifts received (toaster, blender, towels, weird clock from Auntie Ida, Hooter Hider, rinse, repeat)  ...not this time! 

I was completely inspired by the ideas for gifts, both on and off the registry.  Some of my favorites included a fab tray from Fontaine Maury and a great set of waffle fabric travel bags and slippers....all with her new monogram emblazoned upon them. 

Fontaine Maury tray.

Love this party tub from Fontaine Maury as well!  We need these in Nola.  Alot. 

I loved the gift I gave my sis (among some of her registry items and some other goodies) because finding it was a perfect happy accident.  I searched ebay for weeks and weeks checking out items with a "W" monogram, preferably vintage.  I was thrilled and didn't think twice about "Buying It Now" when I saw this:

Vintage 1950s hankie in her wedding colors, navy and crisp white (she also has touches of pinks)!  Every bride needs a handkerchief and why not combine something old and something blue in one?

Check out some other items that a search for vintage initials yielded...I stuck to "W" for my sister's new last name as well as "E" for Elizabeth, her first name.  These are from ebay. 

Set of three funky "W" hankies

Vintage stick pin. 

Vintage cocktail ring.

Some of the best finds for vintage monogrammed items were actually on etsy

    Beautiful vintage "W" tea set.

       Love love this applique "W"

I don't care that my initials don't match the cipher (featured in middle), it is gorj!

I highly recommend doing some online searches for great vintage monogrammed finds, especially if you do not have access to constant estate sales, massively awesome flea markets, or auctions.  You can actually find some great stuff if you just continue to monitor, monitor, monitor. 

The blushing bride with her favorite friend, Frances.  All she needs is a cigarette and martini glass, and she is ready for a role in Mad Men!



P.S.  BIG NEWS.   My good friend from college and author of the constantly growing Birthday Girl Blog has agreed to do a guest post on hosting your own Monograms and Mimosas bash.  She has built quite a name for herself as a party planner and event designer extraordinaire.  Much like I am a displaced Cali girl at heart, she is a displaced Southerner at heart (who is a Cali native and currently lives in Oakland!)  Anyway, get ready to be wowed by her awesome ideas...and, in the meantime, check out Birthday Girl.  I have a link in my blogroll as well!  Looking forward to it, Becca! 



  1. Great finds! What search terms did you use on ebay and etsy?

  2. Very cute idea for a shower, looks like it was a success!
    I suppose I am missing a few SS genes as I am not particularly partial to monograms in every form (collective gasp from most of the readers, here). I think the examples pictured above are adorable, it's just a personal preference!

    I do enjoy monograms/engravings in the form of jewelry. I really like the vintage pieces pictured here, and LOVE that vintage tea set, delightful find! And how cute would that cipher be if you could make it into a belt buckle, all of them would be fab!

  3. What a fun idea, can't wait to see the guest post!
    I just scored some vintage monogrammed dessert plates on Etsy myself. (I search Etsy for "monogram B" and "initial B" and then click on the Vintage tab on the left)
    And thanks for featuring us, Jessie! We blogged you back!
    Bunny @ Fontaine Maury

  4. Looks fabulous! I am so glad to see the photos. At some local San Francisco wedding venues my cousin is getting married soon and I have also been planning a beautiful garden themed bash for her. If you have garden décor ideas then please recommend.