Sunday, March 14, 2010

Itty Bitty Coke Can Committee

We try our best to keep our home soda free.  If we even have a two liter of any type of soda it is guzzled down by Beau (and me, sneaky sip at a time) in less than a day.  For a million obvious reasons, this is disgusting and unhealty.

However, I could not resist buying an eight pack of these teenies.  For Beau.  Ish. 

Have y'all seen them in person yet? 

Obviously, all miniature foods and drinks are adorable, but the coke products in mini cans are just too much....sort of European?  They are also nicely limited to 90 calories. 

Next time I host a little gathering (particularly a day time shower), instead of regular cans of soda or two liters thrown on the bar (zzzzzzzz.....), I will definitely have the tinies with these in each....

                                Find them here

Or, I may have to make these...

    Instructions here

And, of course, at said party, I would be forced to serve Sofia champers in a can which will always be a favorite of mine even if simply for novelty's sake. 

Purchase here.

This post definitely deserves a "Cheers!"


P.S.  Beau is the hand model in the tiny coke can pic.  Credit goes to him for his Vanna White moves.


  1. SHUT UP. I did NOT know they made tiny champers in a can. I want a CASE in November, ok?

  2. "Tiny bubbles, in tiny cans..."

  3. PS, props to Beau the hand model! Does anyone remember the old SNL skit from (i'm sure) the early 90's about the hand model who lost his finger in an accident? The host/hand model was Jason Patric, and I think his name in the skit was "Fabrice" or something like that. Anyway, Beaus pic reminded me of that-- Sorry to be random if no one remembers that or cares!

  4. Must have them. They match my itty bitty titties.
    xo xo