Thursday, March 18, 2010

Countdown to Jazz's on!

Besides Christmas (for me) and March Madness (for Beau), Jazz Fest is likely our favorite collective "holiday" of the calendar year.  The countdown has begun....both to Jazz Fest and to Leigh and Jean- Guillaume's arrival for Jazz Fest! 

Lionel Richie?  Check.  Simon and Garfunkel?  Check.  Pearl Jam?  Double check.  (This does not even include the usuals, Meters, Rebirth, Nevilles, etc. etc. etc.)

We are ready to get ready and, accordingly, I chalked our countdown:

The above pic actually features my Jazz Fest souvenir from last year, the "I Love You Like Biscuits And Gravy" giant postcard from Yee Haw Industries.  I fell in love with it, had to have it, and the price ($10.00) and transportability (fit right into chair backpack...yes, I have one) were right!  Jazz Fest features some really amazing local and nationally-recognized artists.  I wanted to walk away with this.

However, my budget Beau has taught me to look for art in more affordable postcards! 

So, I had the mat cut, bought a pre-made "panoramic" frame at the craft store, and framed the postcard myself.  The message is whimsical, welcoming and just fun for our kitchen. 

Some of my other faves:

I wish I had seen this one at the Fest!

All of the above giant postcards can be found here.

People often ask about the lil chalkboard....I found the pre-wrapped poster frame at Michael's and just painted the heavy peg board backing with chalkboard paint and chucked the glass.  I painted about three coats, let it dry, and just "framed" the peg board backing.  If you live in Nola and would like some chalkboard paint, I still have a substantial portion of a quart paint can left.  You are welcome to it (if you promise to show me your before and afters!)



P.S.  TGIF!  If I have time, I plan to hit St. Charles Gallery for its auction.  I am going to try to highlight some faves on the lot.  There are some DEALS AND STEALS! 


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  1. JAZZ FEST BOUND!!! (queue Widespread-esque riff)
    JG and I are fully pumped and ready to groove! Actually, I may take a break from grooving at points to go check out the delightful art!

    PS- I'm impressed by your craftiness with the chalkboard