Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Alternative to Sticks: II

Nope.  Didn't forget about this one.  Still gimleting forward to find alternatives to sticks.  If you are just checking in, welcome!  You can see the rant/ discussion on "sticks" here and here.

So...without further ado, may I present to you a killer alternative to sticks that Courtney and I spotted while at Hazelnut?  They are unique and make such a statement in any type of decor.

Lovely and Springy, no?  They are not inexpensive at $30.00-ish a branch, but they fill a space (the same way sticks/branches do!) with oh-so-much more impact.  And, as many things go in life, they look so much prettier in person.

Once I financially (and physically) recouperate from Miami, they are on my to-buy-for-the-house-list.  I already see them on our buffet.



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  1. LOVE the springy flowers!! I can't wait to come to NOLA and visit Mag shops. Yippee!