Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Blogging Fairy Godmother my friend, Kristen.  She provided me with the answer to my all-things-patio-vintage prayers when she sent me the following photograph attached to an email. 

I love you!

Um, done...and for a reasonable price! 

Our friend, Christine, is an incredibly talented artist who works for the wildly creative and successful Julie Neil.  Christine apparently alerted Kristen to the existence of these fab chairs....they both decided that someone needed to own them.  After a game of virtual (and then real) telephone, they will be mine.  Tomorrow.  Unless I am counting my chickens before they are hatched.  Please no one go buy them before lunch break tomorrow. 



P.S.  Now, in my quest, I have found a really neat website with tons of outdoor eye candy. Maybe I am late to the party, but "I die."

It is a good thing that this is marked as "Sold." 

I must find this, but in a beaten up version so I can afford it and then spray it. 


Okay, gimleters.  At least check it out for inspiration. 

Waiiitt.  One more.  Look at "Dreamscapes" under the Art section.  I am going to make an inquiry on pricing just for purposes of torture.  Speechless. 

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