Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"How's Your House?" Treme Trailer

Beau and I gleefully high fived last night after we watched the Treme (HBO's new series) trailer.  John Goodman seems to be the force behind keeping it real....the accents (so far) seem authentic, the musicians are really famous musicians around Nola, and the question, "How's Your House?"  couldn't resonate more with absolutely every single resident in the greater New Orleans area. 

Watch the trailer...I promise you will be at the very least intrigued...

The best part? 

John Goodman's last line of the trailer.  It may be my feisty protectiveness of New Orleans particularly since Katrina, but..."Hate the food?  Hate the music?  Hate the city?  Then, what the &*^# you doin' down here?" 

I am pumped for the premiere on April 11, 2010.  I hope everyone tunes in so that we can at least have some lively discussions about the representation of the city and its people, whether it appropriately depicts life post-disaster, and, the most important thing, whether it is just damn "good."

If you are a "Wire" person (I have never watched it, but I am sure it is as amazing as everyone says), then you will likely love Treme since it is produced by the same team.  For more fun Treme info, click here.

So, "Do You Wanna?" 



P.S.  Thus far, there was only one gratuitous fleshy boobie/stripper shot.  I know that some of you may ask for more poles and bras, but I thought it was a reasonable nod (you know, New Orleans films, TV shows, songs, etc. cannot resist the poles and boobies) without being over the top. 

P.P.S.  Julie posted about the filming of Treme on her blog here.  You can also check out her celebrity appearance in her post! 


  1. It looks awesome! Can't wait for the season to start so that we can play "I spy" the various sights of NOLA.

  2. It gave me chills.
    I don't have HBO - can I come over and watch?
    Do you still have a VCR?
    Love me some Kermie!
    xo xo

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