Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spun Fiberglass Follow-up: Fail!

As I continued to monitor the progress of "my" soon-to-be spun fiberglass patio chairs on ebay, I became increasingly more excited.  I counted my chickens before they were hatched, and I shouldn't have.  On the big bidding day, the listing was mysteriously taken down.  After a psycho/stalker inquiry, the seller told me that her daughter decided to take them.  Um, this daughter does not deseve them...she didn't know a good thing when she initially saw it! Kidding.  Ish.

The rant is over, I guess.  If you have any idea where I could find such a great set for such a perfect price, let me know.  Otherwise, as it torrentially rained in New Orleans this past weekend, I decided I needed to move onto plan B for purposes of starting to plan our backyard oasis.  After all, before we know it, it will be time to start grilling and hanging out al fresco.  (Let's hope this is not wishful thinking!)

This image from via Sunset Magazine makeovers reminded me that, although our yard and deck are minute, we can have a small dining area as well as a small seating area. 

This lovely makeover of a pocket-sized house has a similarly-sized back deck to ours.  Precious.

Of course, everything I envision for our yard is virtually impossible to find for a somewhat affordable price, but that has never stopped me before.  I will divide up these lengthy posts, but here are some of my ideas / dreams for great small seating areas for a patio or deck (aside from said spun fiberglass!)

If I cannot ever get my hot little hands on the damn spun fiberglass chairs, there are the old standards, the delightful butterfly chairs.

Parker Palm Springs. 

One of my old scans from Cottage Living.  I have loved those orange butterfly chairs on that front porch for a long time.  (See them...teeny, I know)

Of course, yellow ones would be cutie in the corner of our yard...

I would like to find ones that are affordable so that maybe we could do four of them sort of scattered in the back corner of our yard...with fire pit!?  Click here for the source. 

Or simple white...the price is right from Urban Outfitters

I also love love love wicker egg chairs.  I know they are a matter of taste and potentially a fug or fab, but I have a soft spot.  Last year, PB had a (somewhat) affordable option and Tar-jay actually got in the game too.  Let's hope that this year will bring some of these options again!

I would lounge all afternoon in this guy with my book.


It looks like this is the new PB version of the egg chair.  I am guessing that last year's is now vintage PB.

Now, there is also the option of mid-century styled and/or vintage loungers....but again, typical, so hard to find in New Orleans.  (Twist my arm, but I may have to take Leigh or Courtney up on the L.A. or West Palm-with-U-Haul road trip options!)

Okay, how awesome would one or two of these in our yard be?  These are from Room Service LA and, of course, completely out of budget.  I would love yellow with white trim and buttons!

So so so fab.

Nice looking option from Crate and Barrel...

Crate and Barrel.  (If you are interested, C and B is currently offering free shipping and 20% off on certain outdoor items.)    

Loungers in action at the Parker.  Looks like our yard minus the mountains, palm trees, pool, green grass...

Here is an Ikea potential winner.  Easy on the wallet but not on time as we would need to schedule a road trip to Houston.

Not crazy about these colors, but there is always spray paint...
I was hoping that these Ikea chairs pictured below would still be in rotation.  Loved them.  And, again, note the dream of the fire pit.

Oldie but goodie.  Lee Kleinhelter's home in Cottage Living.  A standard fave among many. 

There are hammocks...

Ho-hum....and, not very practical since we don't have two sturdy palm trees in the backyard for it to swing between. 

For purposes of torture...

Cast iron. Comes in a variety of colors.  Beautiful, but, again, SO out of budget it is funny.  Tonic Home.

Last, I have to include these because the category/name alone entertains me.  Target has a whole line of "chat sets."  Does that not sound fabulously retro?  Almost as good as "conversation pits."  You certainly get your bang for your buck if you buy a whole "chat set."  (quotes required.) 

Photo of "conversation pit."  For a great article on Saarinen's Miller House, click here.  
Go Indianapolis Museum of Art, BTW.  

Back onto the "chat sets."  I think these are pretty cute.   Never one to make it easy, I would be forced to recover the cushions and pillows.  Not a fan of the green, but that is a small and easily resolved issue. 

The search will continue, and I will keep you updated.  Side note: We already have two white adirondacks with ottomans on the front porch so I am thinking that it would be a bit repetitive to have them in the back yard as well. 

Any ideas or source suggestions for retro patio furni in Nola or nearby?


P.S.  Loyal friend and reader, Jen, sent in a great "alternative to sticks" pic.  She said she was inspired to remove her sticks and do some Spring pruning in her front yard for a fresh arrangement.  Go go go Jen...and thanks for sharing!

Jen's easy handiwork reminds me a bit of this photograph from February 2010 Southern Living article.  

For more information about forcing beautiful branches from your own yard, click here.    



  1. That big egg chair looks sooo cozy! Especially wonderful on a day like today.

  2. Thanks for the link!

    Lynn Byrne from Decor Arts Now

  3. LOVE this post!! Am dying over:

    Room Service lounge chairs-- did NOT know they carried patio furniture!

    The chair/ottoman from Tonic Home, obviously!

    The article on Saarinen's house! Have never seen that before! Going insane, of course. And oh to have a sunken "conversation pit"...

    Am very sad that you weren't able to get the fiberglass set. However, you have some perfectly good alternatives listed. And why not get cheaper stuff that you can alternate, rather than breaking the bank on outdoor furniture-- it all gets trashed in the end anyway!

    I think the egg chair is delightful, as are the butterfly chairs of course! Also, Ikea is a GREAT resource for cheap and stylish wicker/rattan. They definitely still carry the little rockers, and also have some really cute loungers and other casual rattan chairs.

    And now for the sticks... these I really like! They still definitely have the stick shape/element that I can't seem to tear myself away from. Score 2 for you!

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