Monday, March 8, 2010

House Crush of the Week: Centerhall Adoration

I have never met a raised centerhall I didn't like love.  I constantly snap photos of their exteriors, but it is the interiors that drive me wild! 

Definition of raised centerhall cottage from New Orleans Online:  

"1803-1870. Found in the Garden District, Uptown, Carrollton and elsewhere. One-and-a-half story house raised two to eight feet above ground on brick piers. Full-width front gallery framed by six columns supporting entablature. Five openings with front door in the center. Side-gabled roof, often broken by central dormer. Exterior made of wood."
Typically, the raised centerhall cottages found in the Garden District of New Orleans and, therefore, those with typically "American" influences instead of "Creole" influences, have a wide galleried hall running from front to back with two to three rooms running back to front on either side of the hall.  Many conversions I have seen have a large kitchen/den across the back.  Those with a second story have a large stairwell mid-way in the center hall. 
I read somewhere online that raised centerhall cottages in New Orleans can range from simple to "pretentious."  I am entertained by that description!  That being said, there are more basic/smaller ones and there are enormous mansions that were obviously constructed with at least a nod to the centerhall style. 
Snap of my absolute favorite house in a neighborhood very close to mine.  Centerhall love at its finest. 

Beautiful, no?

It is obvious from my posting that I have a zest for all architecture, particularly that of New Orleans.  If you have the slightest interest in Nola architecture, including raised centerhalls, I highly recommend this series of books. 

The series includes books about each faubourg (aka neighborhood).  It highlights the architecture typified in the particular area and contrasts the styles with similar architecture in other neighborhoods.   

This is a standard fave in my collection.  It is also a nice coffee table/display book. 

Happy house hunting wherever you may live! 



P.S.  I refrained from doing an "Oscar post" as y'all really don't want to hear what I thought of the Oscar fashions or which documentary short should have won.  SO...I will leave you with this little quip from the "fug girls'" live blog, which was, overall, spot on and truly hysterical.  If you want to read their whole New York Magazine live blog, click here.

Needless to say, call it my weird humor, but the below comment struck my funny bone because Beau and I noticed this too...

8:00 p.m.: E! is OVER. We're switching over to ABC. The package they used to intro their red carpet coverage is full of hilariously dated footage. Like: Kevin Costner USING A DISPOSABLE CAMERA! Cuba Gooding, Jr! Sean Connery! Nicolas Cage, with original hair! Hugh Grant with Elizabeth Hurley! Tim Robbins with Susan Sarandon! The whole thing reeks of, "REMEMBER WHEN THIS HAPPENED? WE'RE TOO CHEAP FOR NEW B-ROLL." It is awful.
HAR!  The disposable camera comment cracks me up! 


  1. I've left you something over at my blog!

  2. I too love a center hall! So glad Sarah told me about your blog! Have fun with it!

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