Friday, March 12, 2010

And the runner up is....

The big news of the E! world this past month was that the Oscar presenters were now required to say, "And the winner is...." instead of "And the Oscar goes to..."  They figured they would call it what it is and rightfully so.  Did you notice it?

Not sure where I was really going with that entertainment/frothy fact, but it seemed befitting because this morning, while checking my standard blogs (per my usual routine), I saw my own name at Matters of Style!  I am a runner up and could not be happier!

Matters of Style is a an incredibly awesome, prolific design blog that I have read for a LONG time.  The Matters of Style Girls had a great idea..."a DIY Challenge."  This challenge was a perfect fit for their blog because they are DIY royalty....their blog even includes a tab showcasing all of their inspired work and ideas. 

I had to submit something for fun and, since I had just posted about my roll of nailhead trim and all of the projects I had used it on, I sent in my ottomans from this post

Here is a snap of one of the ottomans, just a reminder...

Well, this morning I was greeted with runner up status. THANKS GIRLS!  It was a lovely surprise, and it is always fun to share DIY projects with others interested in trying their hands at things involving nailheads, hot glue, spray paint and all of my other favorite things in life. 

The real message of this post, though, is that you need to 1) Go to MoS blog and spend a couple of hours going through all of their projects, ideas, and links.  It is awesome....and, unless you are ready to yield to temptation, don't even go to their store.  (Very unique and hard-to-find rare editions of books, amazing lamps, and something you have never even thought existed, but may "need" immediately!)  2) Specifically, check out all of the incredibly inspiring DIY projects that they have featured all week....they are going to announce the biggie winner this morning. 

Here are some of my personal favorites from the week....fabulous, no?

Natalie from The Famous Home:


After.  WHAT?!

Matters of Style's own DIY project...the kick off to DIY Week. 


After.  So glossy it reflects the bedding.

Thanks so much, Matters of Style!  I highly recommend that you gimleters go check them out today...



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