Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Southern Proper, yet Southern Spunky

I devoured the premiere issue of Southern Flourish online magazine last night.  Let's just say I was not disappointed.  So fresh and spunky! 

I really think Southern Flourish perfectly encapsulates the diverse interior, fashion, and lifestyles found within the South, all while showcasing what is unique about bein' below the Mason Dixon. 

You can subscribe if you click on the link above.  And, much like Lonny, you can simply click on the magazine cover and "View in Fullscreen" to read the entire mag here.   

Some images from Southern Flourish as a teaser....

Love this Austin home's brick fireplace.

A mini fridge in the master?  Kind of genius, oddly.

Great article! I am so ready to start my veggie and herb garden now. 

I hope you gimleters enjoy Southern Flourish and subscribe to it.  I am sure it will continue to get better and better....dare I say it will fill the void (along with Lonny) that Domino and Cottage Living left??



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