Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Groovy Patio Furniture, Part XXVIIII

So, gimleters.   Recall the failed attempt at obtaining the spun fiberglass?  Remember the triumphant discovery (via Christine and Kristen) of the awesome chairs at Julie Neil?  Well, are you surprised that the afternoon before I arrived to snatch the chairs, they were snagged by another savvy shopper?  You shouldn't be, based upon my tumultuous history with patio furni.  (Bless the fabulous staff at JN who hooked me up with an order...they WILL be mine in June!)

Anyway, today, I discovered some pretty swingin' options for fun and vintage-inspired touches for your outdoor retreat.  Although not straight vintage through and through, here are more kicky options for the same look.  Thanks, CB2. 

CB2 igloo chair.

Tweeting bird feeder.  This may have to grace our front porch.

Tahiti stool for a swingin' 50s tiki bar touch.

 No secret that I love a bar cart...and this one is affordable and small for outside.  And, of course, could be painted with Rustoleum to the color of your liking. 

The search will never really end, of course.  I hope you enjoy the ride as I take you along with me...



I would really love one of these for the front porch.  A little funk to our bungalow. 

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