Tuesday, March 16, 2010

House of Style...Sweet as Honey

Do y'all remember that show?  I sure hope you do...it is a timeless classic, in my opinion.  I mean, Cindy Crawford and Todd "Todd Time" Oldham?  If you don't remember, I am sort of jealous because it likely means that you are very young and could not recall a time when the word "Supermodel" automatically conjured up first names only, Naomi, Linda, Kate, Christy and Cindy. 

For fun, here is a House of Style clip I found on youtube.  I beg you to watch it.  There is simply too much to comment on because it is so amazing. 

Please at least watch it to get to the back stage clips of Linda Evangelista montaged with George Michael's "Freedom" as the narrative music.  Dying.

Now, if you are a standard gimlet reader, you will understand that this intro was the ultimate digression, but a fun one, I hope.  I really wanted to share the work of yet another one of my favorite Cali designers, Tamara Kaye-Honey of House of Honey.   I remember first seeing her work in Cookie Magazine, and she has also been a bloggers' darling.  Her porfolio is no new kid on the block in the blog world, but she recently changed her website, which inspired me to post about her and share her genius with you gimleters.   

House of Honey is the ultimate House of Style.  Until I "met" Tamara over email, I thought the name of her business and its interiors were the sweetest things (pun intended)  about it, but then I learned that she is.  Tamara is so very gracious and kind...it is a true pleasure to share some of her work with you. 

Let's review some portfolio snaps of my favorite examples of Tamara's work. 

I always visit this photo for exterior color inspiration.

So fun.

I have spied these guys on ebay before if you "need" them. 

Ridonk office! 

One of my favorite papers and anemone lights.  Le sigh.

Read about the nifty source of the framed numbers here

Visit the House of Honey website if you want to view a portfolio that completely embodies eclecticism and certainly doesn't take itself too seriously.  There is nothing staid or overdone about it.  I love that there is  a bit of rock-n-roll, a bit of vintage, a bit of high end, a bit of color, and a bit o' honey in all of her work (I really cannot resist the puns...such a fabulous last name and business name, no?!)

Anyway, please enjoy and email Tamara if you have any questions.  Again, she is so so so ridiculously humble and responsive, it is such a pleasure to chat with her. 



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