Thursday, March 4, 2010

Here comes the sun

We are not used to the gray winter weather down here in Nola.  By March, we are ready to start planning Jazz Fest and hit the Fly on our bikes again.  Time for grilling out back and front porch cocktails in the evening.

So, this year has really thrown us for a loop.  The dead sleep of winter should be over for us by now, right?  Not so much.  Spring has certainly not sprung this year.  I know this is good for keeping the Gulf cold and the hurricanes away, but it is not good for our humidity-loving souls.

However, the sun is out today.  There was a discussion at PJ's this morning that it may "get up to" the mid-60s this weekend.  Let's hope the gray leaves us and that sunnier skies are here to stay.  After all, it is crawfish berl season!

Get yer King Kooker right on here.

I snapped this shot of the Bear-Bear/Stinker/The Stinx/Baby Bear/The Animal/ Stinkums aka Indie doing what she does best...finding a patch of sun (FINALLY!) and watching the world go by. 

Just sitting watching the wheels go 'round and 'round

As I work at my kitchen counter WITH THE BACK DOOR OPEN!, I get to look at this...

The Japanese Magnolia blossoms are everywhere right now.  Petals litter the streets.

I thought this guy was a goner after the freeze.  Nope...look at those buds!

And ignore this...

Study of dead elephant ears and power cord.  Frozen in January.  

RIP lantana.  Our neighbors hate us.  

Hope springs eternal....let there be enough sun to require one of these.  

Or at least these...

 I tried these on at Sunglass Hut when we were buying el Wayfarers.  Tory, I approve of the metallic combined with the plastic.  Hot!  

And this...

People, you know I can't resist a tunic.  That being said, the rolled jorts may have to be submitted for a fug or fab. 

Let there be light!? 




  1. The universe no longer makes sense to me if there is even a question of jorts being anything other than fug. No matter what J. Crew, or a 90s era Beau tries to tell us.

  2. Nay, I have to say that jorts are surprisingly making a comeback on the West Coast, though mainly in the vibe of vintage Cali cut offs. Not that I have gone there...yet. Beau hailed from the clean cut era of jorts with neat, hemmed seams- tailoring at its finest. Coupled with the ever classic white or black space boots, what could be more distinguished?

    Oh, and "Study of dead elephant ears and power cord." Dying.

  3. Jorts= FUG and my favorite, simple, "YUK"

  4. The knockout roses are blooming and so are the geraniums!! Go guy a few and put them in pots on the front porch. They'll look lovely and give you a shot of color!