Friday, March 26, 2010

Who Benefits? (pretty) thought provoking

Mardi Gras Indian (member of Monogram Hunters tribe) at St. Joseph's Night parade in New Orleans

Art and design do not intersect enough with the law for my taste.  Hence, I thought this NY Times article (provided to me by my friend/former boss (!) at New Orleans Museum of Art) was fascinating. 

It begs the question....can clothing be copyrighted?  And, further, is haute couture or costume really "just clothes"? 

Personally, this article really struck home for me because my very first "I'm an adult" artwork purchase features none other than a Mardi Gras Indian.  It is possibly the most ethereal and painterly photograph I have ever seen. 

Photography by Shannon Brinkman.  Purchased from The Big Top in Nola. 

Thanks, Courtney, for forwarding such an interesting article.  I would love to hear your lawyerly and non-lawyerly thoughts on this issue if you are so inclined. 



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