Sunday, May 2, 2010

Let me help you out with that: Craigslist find for you!

I am a freak and often snatch things off of Craigslist and ebay when I see them, know they are awesome, and decide that they must be owned by either myself or a gimleter.  Please disregard the fact that sometimes these items are kiddie-related (I don't have kids) or duplicative pieces of furniture that I already get the pic.  Needless to say, when I see a bargain or something that can be turned from trash to treasure, I don't let it pass me by. 

I recently found these PRECIOUS twin headboards on craigslist.  I planned to psychotically save them for myself (and maybe I still will...) IF a gimleter or friend-of-gimleter doesn't want them to be customized by me first! 

Without further ado:

 A snap of one in our dining room.  They are so sturdy and the perfect petite size. 
(Now, imagine them in something other than the 70s wood...)

I really see them in a little girl's room.  SO, if your baby girl is transitioning to a big girl room or you have two girls that currently share, these could be for you.  I suggest a high gloss plain white, turq, pink, yellow, kelly green...the colors are endless.  I also would happily do them in white with the "piping" in a fab color

I love a girl's room with twin beds...regardless of how many kiddos occupy the room.  

via decorpad

 via decorpad

via decorpad

New Orleans' own Melissa Rufty.  An oldie but goodie snap!

They are not really limited to just being utlized in a little girl(s)' room.  There are some fabu guest rooms that feature twins as well. 

via lonny

via decorpad
    ** I still ADORE that Dwell bedding....

via flickr (oldie but forever goodie from Domino)

A lone Amanda Nisbet.

Lone twin, part 2.  Lee Kleinhelter in Southern Living.

All of this excitment over twin beds being had, if you are super interested/committed to owning just one, let me know. I may consider severing the pair. But, the beauty really is the power in numbers....I may require some sweet talking. 

Or, maybe you do...these are all available in twin sizes.

Serena and Lily Frieda bedding....for your spunky sprite.

Lulu those corals (not necessarily the entire "set" together...).  I think the floral duvet with the beds painted yellow would make any little lassie happy. 

John Robshaw...with navy and hot pink accents? (For your prepster...) 

Garnet Hill...for your little lavender lover

Garnet Hill...for your boho baby

Pine Cone Hill Edelweiss duvet....for your traditionalist tike.

Looking forward to hearing from you...or else our attic will be even more full than it already is (Sorry, Beau...).  We can discuss what you want me to do ("piping" or plain, color options, etc.), pricing, and bedding options.   



P.S.  I will ship them if you are an out of town gimleter or friend of gimleter! 


  1. The headboard is precious. I wish I had room for them in my house because I would snatch them from you!

  2. I'm trying to come up with a design for Ellie's(my 4 year old daughter)room when we move.I love twin beds too! I want her room to be funky, but little girl appropriate.I need some great ideas and this sounds like a good one. Any ideas? I need to think about colors. hmm.....

  3. Hey Jessie-thanks for dropping us a note. I think my little DC is a boho baby although I don't think she knows it yet! Those beds are a sweet find.