Tuesday, April 6, 2010

InStyle Inspiration No. 2

As I mentioned on Sunday, there were some true gems to be found in this month's InStyle.  In promises of "peppering" my posts with some of them, here is another idea that I thought was fun for a Spring update. 

A fun surprise each morning and night. 

Maybe I was naturally attracted to this project because it involves one of my favorite colors and one of my favorite patterns, Java by Quadrille China Seas.  This is a great project for a renter or someone who is a wallpaper commitment phobe.  Just a touch of some pattern for your eyes only! 

If you are even scared of a couple of feet of hidden wallpaper, you could just paint the interior of your medicine cabinet in a fun contrasting color for the same effect.  My vote, however, is for the full monty.

Wallpaper away. 




  1. This is a super idea and especially for the reasons you mentioned. The paper is fantastic...who needs OJ in the morning!

  2. Very cute idea, and the inside of this cabinet (sans wallpaper) looks exactly like mine!

  3. I LOVE this! Also check out Better Homes and Gardens this month. They have an issue dedicated to DIY projects! They adhered stylish WRAPPING PAPER to the back of an old TV stand and put doors on it. Spladdow...bed side table. Done & done. I fully plan on this for el nursery!

  4. Awesome! I may actually try this when I tackle the guest/Johnston's bathroom!

  5. Ha! I just started paging through InStyle last night and was dying over this spread. Sadly, the wallpaper is too $$ for me to contemplate purchasing it for use in such a small area. What about using this great Snow and Graham wrapping paper sheet for a more cost efficient alternative? http://snowandgraham.com/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=81&parentCat=&catId=23 Sealed with a coat of varnish to keep it safe from the elements?