Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Astronomical Astral

I have long admired the astral chandelier...or something very close to it.  To me, it is the perfect combination of modernity and warmth, a tough combination to achieve. 

Imagine my delight and surprise when I found it for the best deal I have ever seen on this fixture!  Madison Seating carries it for about $600.00 cheaper than the other sites (and brick and mortar stores) I have seen it on/in. 

Of course, I have no where to use it...yet.  However, I dream of hanging one over each twin bed in a room not-yet-created.  I also think they are the perfect size to line up in any type of room a la Sixx Design

Imagine the awesome astral arranged similarly.

All images via Sixx Design

I definitely dig the "add another big fixture to the ceiling" technique so often utilized by Sixx. 

Now.  Completely unrelated to all things astral...I am so excited about my upcoming weekend!  To be honest, Gimleters, I have had a rough go of it lately.  My days have had a bit more thorns than roses.  I know...nothing lasts forever.  To push through the rough spots, what is the best medicine?  I believe it is to surround yourself with your tribe...or some of it, at least.  Two All Star members of my tribe are arriving on Friday to stay at Casa de Haynes, and I couldn't be more ready for their arrival. 

What are we doing, you ask? 

Well....once upon a time (not too long ago and quite possibly, this summer, for my sister's wedding...) we would have been doing this (and, quite possibly, all in one night):

Carousel Bar in the Monteleone Hotel (a popular post-wedding spot for this gang)

Napoleon House...I do believe the hype.  Best Pimm's Cup in the City! 

An oldie but goodie...right in our neighborhood.  Site of many "interesting" nights. 

The Columns.  A favorite place to grab evening drinks, pre-dinner. 

Bridge Lounge on Magazine Street.  My old law school stomping grounds....and still a spot to meet for a drink with your pooch in tow!   

The Delachaise on St. Charles...still a weekly spot.  (The cheese plate is amazing and the fries done in goose fat almost cause me to fall off the vegetarian wagon.)

**images via flickr
Now, during this particular visit, we are quite happily going to do this:

Walking here.


PJ's on Magazine to grab our iced coffees...and window shop along the way!

Angelique Baby to shop for Adrianne's Baby No. 2! 

A short walk from the guest room...dinner and conversation al fresco at Casa Haynes. 

We are also eating here.

One of my faves and a very highly underrated spot on Magazine...for a perfect courtyard evening!

...and going here.

What is in the cards for each of us?
Bottom of the Cup Tea Room in the French Quarter

I am so ready for Adrianne and Jen's arrival.  I am pretty sure that we won't stop talking from their arrival at our house until Adrianne is back on the plane headed to Virginia!  Nothing like old friend/roommate/bridesmaid/travel buddy therapy. 



  1. one of many great things about blogging is getting to meet ladies sharing the same passion from around the globe. glad i found your blog and able to view a glimpse of new orleans...i'm always fascinated by the history and abundance of antiques and not to mention crawfish! your new follower, verbena cottage

  2. Sounds like a blast! Sounds like you need my pineapple-cilantro margarita recipe; y'all would look cute drinking them in your yellow chairs! Time to get rid of thorns!

  3. You know, there's nothing like spending time with the girls to refresh and renew. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your friends and find that next week is a brighter place. Blessings coming your way!

  4. you're making me very nola homesick right now... hugs to the girls and have a great time! i'm having a bad week too... wish i could drown my sorrows in pimms cup with you.

  5. Have fun Jessie, Adrianne, and Jen!! Sounds like a great weekend!

  6. I'm jealous! But we won't be bumping into you at Tomatillo's this time around! My weekend plans consist of being the rogue bridesmaid at an afternoon outdoor wedding whilst wearing a taffeta gown. Give the ladies hugs for me and tell Adrianne congrats!!!

  7. I am also jealous and can't wait for my bestie to get here at the end of the month. You know it's always darkest right before sunrise, Jessie - I think great things are coming to you!

  8. YAY! I cannot wait. I am packing my bag NOW! Yippee!

  9. Have a fab weekend J and friends! May run into yall around town! Thanks again for the grand intro to our Maison project! Cheers!

  10. Yee!! And the cavalcade of delightful guests continues, wish I could be there. Have fun!!