Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cabin Fever

We were recently discussing the merits (and pitfalls) of camping.  If I were to camp at all, I think I would have to glamp.  That being said, I am all about the recent fantasy of escaping the urban life for the more bucolic, slow, quiet existence.  Perhaps this cabin in the Catskills would do the trick....and I wouldn't have to clean my own mess kit with leaves. 

Did y'all see this on Sunday in the NY Times?  ...never thought I would hear "mid century retreat" and cabin in the same sentence, but I am glad I did!

Melanie Brandman's home...she is a rock star of sorts.  Can you imagine managing an elephant polo team?

The delightful deck.

Lights are modeled after the lobby of the Intercontinental on Bora Bora.

Another view of the main living area.

To read more about this cool lady (and her, ahem, 32 year old boyf) and check out the slideshow, click here.  You will not be disappointed. 




  1. I know this is a design blog...but that puppy is ADORABLE!

  2. She is totally living my life! hahah And the house is not that bad either...
    Know you're looking forward to SATC2 out this weekend, Jess!