Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Real Treat: Guest Blogger, E. Lee Jahncke Mead

I am beyond thrilled to share the talents of guest blogger, E.Lee Jahncke Mead, with the Gimlet community.  E. Lee is the "It Girl" of decorative painting in New Orleans.  Hip yet classic, daring yet tastefully restrained, E. Lee has the killer combination of a natural "eye" for style with the talent and training to back it up.  Oh, and she is about as beautiful, humble and funny as can be.  I am so honored that she is gracing us with her style and skills for a couple of days. 

Here is a snap of E.Lee in action from her facebook page

So, without further ado, let me introduce E. Lee's first post in a scheduled two part series:

Hello fellow Gimleters! I am E. Lee Jahncke Mead, a decorative painter living, working and constantly inspired by my hometown of New Orleans. I observe, I paint, I enjoy, I paint, I gild and I restore whatever around town it is people hire me to do. In the short time that I have been "back," I have had the pleasure to work with some pretty lovely and talented folks, our fearless leader and "decorator in crime" being one!

She has asked me to guest post about a project that we are working on for another fellow Gimleter, Bebe. My task is this: to find and papier mache a pair of mirrors for the mantles in the double parlor of Bebe's home. Bebe loved a mirror that she saw on Magazine, but needed 2!

So, on Tuesday after my meeting in Old Metairie, I thought I would take a cruise along Airline to my favorite thrift store to see what was available in pairs. My first stop was the Bridge House. By the way Gimleters, always a good place to start on your hunt for wooden furniture. It may need a paint job, but Sister Parish did it.  Why can't you? I did not find a pair of mirrors but I did find a new pet, meet Ernest!

I could not pass him up for $5!

**EDITOR'S NOTE:  Um, are you kidding me?!  Ernest for $5.00!  I just recommended that someone buy a poor man's Ernest for $68.00!! 

My real plan for Tuesday afternoon was to go to Covington to the Southern Living Idea house in Terrabella, but since it was already getting late and I am doing quite a bit of painting for designer, Grace Kaynor in New Orleans, out of the goodness of my heart, I thought I would continue on my journey for treasures for Bebe!

I continue my drive down Airline to find this jewel! Clearly I do not spend enough time in parishes outside of Orleans! How could it be a flea market/thrift store that I have not heard of or been too?! The Original (as opposed to?) Jefferson Flea Market!


The first item I spy is…a girlfriend for Lamar?

Now, my favorite of the day for $98. A perfect pair in mint condition AND blue velvet...


Really nice mid century piece that would look amazing in white lacquer or tractor paint

Finally, at the back corner of the store amongst a pile of mirrors (all 50% off) lies the perfect pair for Bebe! I get the approving text from the Gimletress, and the pair is mine!

SO what and how am I going to transform these lovelies from the Original Jefferson Flea? I will give you a taste…

...But you will have to tune in next week for their outcome and the how-to!

Okay, Gimleters.  Jessie here again.  Um, wow.  I am already mentally making my full length mirror for our I just have to learn how.  Stay tuned and, in the meantime, definitely check out E.Lee's talents on her facebook page. 




  1. I love the Bridge House and have found great things there! Where exactly on Airline is this Jefferson flea market? The orginal one, of course...

  2. Hi, Elizabeth! E.Lee can likely correct us, but the address I found is 5501 Jefferson Hwy. Now, that may not be "The Original!" I will find out for you...maybe a treasure hunt together?!

  3. Hello to you both and thanks for reading! The Original is in Kenner! 2134 Airline Highway, I guess the one on Jeff Highway by Georgian is the knockoff!

  4. I want everything posted here, especially the blue lamps! Great finds, thanks for scouting and posting. Please post the "after" pics of the mirrors!

  5. Just read the Eddie Ross post - I am in L-O-V-E with his idea to PAINT the bamboo roman shades!!! Such a quick and easy way to glam up a room!

  6. SO FUN! I'm loving your blog! You are a natural and it sure looks like you are having fun! Let's go junking soon!

  7. Dana Parks PaternostroJune 10, 2010 at 10:08 AM

    OMG! Did you get that elephant in that white or did you paint it white??? I had that exact one growing up- it used to be tan and my mom painted it white when she put in in my room- so weird, it was like seeing my room in eigth grade, my mom got it back when she lived in Memphis, I can't believe there is another one out there and in NOLA, so weird!!!!!

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